Yet Another Alchemist Thread

I have a question for you bonobos. Do you complain with the same energy when women enter clubs for free nyinyi ndume mnaitishwa entrance fee ama mnalipa voucher??

Ama one form of discrimination is better than the other?? Washienzi :D:D

Ama skin color is where your empty heads draw the line.

Deep down you understand the business logic of allowing women enter clubs for free and you are okay with it, but those same brains refuse to see the business logic of allowing non-blacks (higher value clients) to access the club first.

Its a business thing, not a color thing, but you are just pissed because your color betrays your peasantry :D:D

Bouncers and management don’t have time to find out which one black among the 15 blacks is a spender. Its just easier to judge you based on skin color and they will be right 95% of the time.

I’m sure if they had unlimited seats they would never need to have two queues. After all, its a money thing, not a race thing.

Huko alchemist walikua wanauza Pilsner?

You forget that male patrons actually like this. Why should they complain? No man wants to go to a sausage-fest club. This is a poor attempt at moral equivalence.
Edit: Well some men may enjoy sausage-fests… but yeah, they have their own clubs.

Ata tu mtaani watu wakiorganize housebash. Chances are it’s the men watachanga, the ladies will come for free.
Or mtu wa kuleta madem atakua exempted from damages.

It is discrimination regardless of whether you like it.

Using your logic, the non-whites will say that they actually enjoy the special treatment and not having to worry about their phones and wallets in the queues.

Using that logic, some men enjoy peasant fests and they have their own clubs e.g SJ, Rico etc

Whether it’s discrimination or not. Why should the men complain? “You are giving me the sex ratio I want. Fuck you!”
Your attempt at moral equivalence fails @Azor.
One scenario has a group that feels aggrieved and the other has satisfied all parties.

In the process, a broke first year campus student goes back to his hostel to lick his wounds as you dance with his girlfriend for the night. Don’t pretend like that discrimination is victimless, because it isn’t. The only reason the Alchemist type of discrimination pisses you off is because that time you are the victim instead of the beneficiary.

As I said, most of you guys are hypocrites and snakes. In this example, you like discrimination if it benefits you, and hate it when it puts you at a disadvantage.

Muturandom anapenda sausage fest. So he can wink at wababa wamnunulie pombe :D:D:D the guy knows no shame

How am I a victim? I’m the last person you’ll find crying racism.
Also you keep forgeting what I told you yesterday, a good business person understands the environment they are operating in.
You can play loud music in some residential places, you can’t in others.
You can charge entry fees in some establishments, you can’t in others.

It’s all give and take and good business acumen.

I get your point @Azor Ahai but there was no racism at Alchemist if you’ve analyzed the cctv footage.


Hii story yote imeletwa na low inferiority complex.

For example, when a muguoka chokosh goes to Alchemist for the first time, he/she will feel very uncomfortable and intimidated. Because he will be out of his dingy locale comfort zone where there are no low level kungurus or the boys to call him “mkubwa”.

In fact, most downtown kungurus avoid places like Alchemist because they won’t stand out in places like those.

Yaani mtu kama @cortedivoire akienda Alchemist atapigwa na butwa ajiulize kama hii ni ile Kenya moja anajua juu hakuna lanye wa 150.

Kama wewe ulikuwa mdosi kwa locale but unaenda pahali hakuna mtu anakutambua ata ukinunua mzinga gani, utakuwa very insecure.

The effect of that insecurity is people saying they were racially profiled at the slightest inconvenience. Ata beer ikichelewa na dakika mbili, mtu ataanza kusema ni racism.

Between you and Alchemist’s owner, who understands that business better??

How would I know the answer to that? I have no idea whether he even turns a profit anyway.

Regarding the incident. I have no idea what actually happened that night.
I have no idea what his actual patron policies are. My own opinion is that Peng doesn’t strike me as racist. I don’t think Alchemist has racist policies.
But sijui, so my judgement jana which i wrote on KTalk was “I’ll leave it at insufficient information”.

So, using your shitty logic, when children under 5, for example, ride buses and trains without charge is also a form of discrimination? When there are designated washrooms for men and women, we should sue the establishment? You want your 10 year old daughter to share a swimmingpool washroom with a 40yr old male talker? get real!!

I have never heard anything about age equality. But gender equality is a thing. About sharing washrooms, use your head hapo siwezi kusaidia kufikiria. Both men and women are adults, viewed as equal, and work for their money. So, if you don’t think charging one gender and letting the other one enter for free is discrimination, you are obviously retarded.

Any form of discrimination has victims. In this situation, this form of discrimination affects broke men who are mostly younger…usually students. But hey, they are young broke men, so nobody cares. In your eyes, they are children of a lesser god. They are invisible to society and that’s why you don’t view it as discrimination.

You, like most people who are hypocrites by default, are indifferent when discrimination does not affect you directly.

Just a simple question …

Why do you go to places where you are not appreciated or welcome…??!


I prefer quiet , secluded, mature spots where you can wine and dine “Bibi Wa Mtu” discreetly and enjoyably … :D:D

Nilikuambia uachane na biashara. Juu obviously you have zero appreciation for nuance. Ndio nilikuambia just chasing after short-term profits gives you tunnel vision and you won’t see the train coming that will smash you to pieces. Do you really think you are going to upset local sensitivities in Kenya by allowing in women for free? There’s a reason you can have skimpily dressed women at a carwash to attract patrons in some countries, but you can’t do it in Saudi Arabia.
I keep repeating but you seem too deep into your hole huoni. You must understand the business environment in which you are operating. Another word of advice. When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!

So you finally admit that you are a hypocrite who will embrace discrimination if it benefits you and sing like a bird if you are the victim.

You care about discrimination if it prevents you from accessing Alchemist, but you don’t care about it if it improves the ratio of men to women in the club. You don’t care about the broke lad in campus whose girlfriend is sitting on your lap at the club.

Away from Alchemist sheet and ETC, unapenda attention kama mschana wa class six.

my retarded thinking tells me if the women choose to pay the entry fee, the club will still take their money na wataingia… ama club watakaa? if you equate this to race discrinination then you’re more retarded than me:D

Women control the sex market. Ukiwalipisha utafunga hiyo club asubuhi.