Yesterday I relapsed to alcohol

Previously, I vowed to steer clear from alcohol as I had been dealing with the addiction since primary school (grade 4 to be exact). Since November last year, I hadn’t taken a single sip of alcohol. Whenever I met up with my boys, I’d order a Fanta with some french fries, while they imbibed expensive Jamesons and Gilbeys. It’s difficult to practice self-control in such a scenario, but I’ve conditioned myself to resist the urge.

That was until yesterday.

I decided to patronize a certain club around westie, just to unwind. The venue was full, though I managed to get some sitting space. There was a sporting event going on. Soccer, I suppose. Personally, I don’t watch sports, as I consider myself a scholar. I’d much rather read a novel, or stream some gay clips.

The revellers all had alcoholic beverages on their tables – Champagnes, beers, vodka, scotch… just to name a few. There was no way I’d order my regular Fanta and be dignified among the crowd. So I beckoned the waitress and ordered some Konyagi.

As I sipped my Konyagi, I couldn’t help but admire the men in the club. There’s something attractive about a sweaty man transfixed on a football game. I can’t put it into words. It’s sort of primal. And sexy.

I digress.

By midnight, I was fully inebriated.

I was awaken by a woman’s voice “Kijana yagu, kwani umepigwa na majabazi wakakulusha kwa siwenj?”

Yeah, I woke up in a sewer. The lady (who after coming to my senses I learned is a shopkeeper in the area) was kind enough to offer me some milk to cure the hangover.

I have zero recollection of yesternight’s events.

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Wasee amkeni @tauren nakwisa pasuliwa mayai


Kwani umesahau log ins za your regular handles @Landlord & @TrumanCapote



All faggots should be shot dead umbwa wewe


Kina @MTINGIZA_KITANDA. Clowns of the county. Jamaa anapaka mek-up na kuvaa glossy top to bottom, confusing shemales like Taurens. Mardi gras participant. Abomination this is.

@Tauren were you sodomised?

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That was back in high school.

Not sure if I would refer to it as sodomy.

But yeah, my rectum was probed.

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gay shit

Dude, it’s 2024 for crying out loud. Chill with the homophobia.

:poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:

Please report for further assistance

Shuma irirara ndani

It was a truth or dare gone sexual.

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Nyonya makende bila kuskia guilty

Kula block ghaseer

juveniles mta maliza kijiji

This is an impostor

On contrary @Tauren is a disturbed fellow, @uwesmake sodomised him accidentally pale kimilili Deb and the rest is history

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