Yesterday I met a lady who was given all clear results after fighting a breast cancer

I was walking in the park and I met a lady of 50+. We started talking as both of us we were doing exercise and enjoying God’s creation.

I don’t know how it started but she told me how energetic she feels now after being given the all clear results.

I was so amazed as I had never met a person with such results before. She told me, the journey has never been easy. Chemotherapy was a killer and at the beginning it was after every three weeks and moved to five weeks as the journey went by.

According to her, after a chemotherapy session you are completely helpless, the only energy you have left in you is for breathing.

In the end she praised God as all this experience made her to be closer to him more.

I want to post something . It moved me somehow . Hope it makes l sense to you

May God bless you for sharing this video. I could listen on it over and over again. It’s awesome.

What really broke me is when she and the husband decided to pray and let God do his will even if its to take the child away. And for sure the kid died

Her faith is a testimony, imagine the only child you have to be told he is going to die. Go’s ways are not your ways.

Very sad

I don’t want to make things about me, but hata mimi ninapitia chemotherapy saa hii for the third time juu Lymphoma yangu inashinda ikirelapse. That story gives me hope. She’s right about the chemo, though. It’s the worst part of having cancer.

Keep strong mjamaa

Thanks man.

Pole sana . I know people have challenges but HOPE is one thing that few have.Keep hope don’t give up

I’m not going to lie, I am not really optimistic about the future. Nikifika nusu ya life expectancy itakuwa miracle. But you know what? I have accepted that it has happened. Kama hivi ndio nitaenda haijalishi juu I have to snuff it one way or another. But for now, I have to be strong juu sina choice.

Keep your head up boss.

Pole sana.

It’s not over until it’s over…keep fighting… till the end of times…

Dont be sorry. Shit happens. And it HAS to happen to someone. And it happens to some more than others.

To be honest, kama Euthanasia ingekuwa legal Kenya, I would have seriously considered it.:smiley:
Enough about me though. Nimehijack hii thread for long enough.

You are a child of the Universe…
No less than the trees and the Stars…
You have the Right to be here…
Whether or not you know it…
No doubt the Universe is Unfolding as it should…

Nice poem, but I prefer this one by Stephen Crane:
A man said to the universe:
“Sir, I exist!”
“However,” replied the universe,
“The fact has not created in me
A sense of obligation.”

I’d rather miss target while aiming high than to hit target while aiming low. Always remember that. We all have the same destiny brother, just that others reach by jet fighters while others reach by bicycles. Destiny is the same . Hit me when facing those challenges I put you in my prayers.

Desiderata " child of the Universe "