Yesterday Hamas accepted defeat.

@Purple yesterday this Hamas official more or less folded his tail neatly and shoved it between his hairy Arab legs.

When I watched this interview I knew immediately that they had run out of ideas. And the lady journalist scolded him like a small boy for wasting Qatari resources. Al Jazeera was devoted to seeing Hamas win but it was a serious let down. She is asking questions with a very sarcastic tone like a lady scolding a man who has just drunk his whole salary. Napenda sana. The guy is saying that Hamas has proved a point, madam anamwuuliza, “What point?”

Wamechapwa war yenye they will not forget in a very long time. :D:D Hongera kwa PM Netanyahu! Lakini this Hamas official is not very smart. He has just admitted on a major news network that they’re receiving technological expertise from Iran and have destroyed batteries at the Iron Dome. Now people are going to see why Israel needs protection more than ever before. Kama ni Trump angekuwa kwa WH you know none of this would be happening. :frowning:

Wewe @Purple why are you encouraging this kid? He’ll never grow up if you keep giving him validation

He more or less admits they had a Hamas office at Al Jallah Tower. :smiley:

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

i support whoever is making islamist financiers and militants disappear . wanapotea from busia to voi . confused ‘colonised’ african anapotea na evidence pia inapotea

just hope they dnt start targeting normal wananchi over other reasons banae …this reminds me of papa doc

Arggg humility sometimes is good. Innocent kids were massacred in the last few days. I wonder whose side God is on. The kids? Israelis? Palestinians?

Mluhya tulia. Mambo bado.