Yesterday at @st. paul (limuru)

i have never met any of my former’s there before, but yesterday i had a bad experience…

way back in early 2000 when i used to be a hustler i had a girlfriend, she came from a rich family, the parents were living abroad while their house was located at loresho,along Mukima lane.during those days,i used to do Mjengo and assisted my aunt in a music shop where she to lend out video and DVD tapes. most of Saturdays, My aunt used to leave at the shop the best part of afternoon. while she went for shopping at Marikiti, that is how i met Gladys, she used to come most of Saturdays during holidays either alone or with her bro’s…i noted her beauty…expensive perfume , smartly dressed, and used to buy 7 movies,those (8in1) 1 for each day.

During those times, such movies would cost up to 800ksh@qhich made her a valuable customer to my aunt,so I started visiting her place,the family was rich, at an age of 17 and she knew how to drive we dated for sometime but she late realized that her age mates were dating men and not boys, a man who did not know what pizza and hamburger and emails were was a shame, so, one day, she told me that “namaibisha kwa mabeshte” and I Was no longer welcomed at her place…I walked from kangemi to town broken and ashamed of myself…
Fastforwad yesterday and I was driving to aga Khan to pick my new born daughter and just after st.Paul’s university, a tuk tuk ahead of me stopped at the middle and a gentleman stepped out,stood aside to allow someone else and alas Glado left the tuk tuk and could see she was urging with the driver, I lowered my window and called her, she turned around and either she recognized me or probably she thought I would offer help,she came over and since I could see guys flashing at us,I asked her to get into their car, asking her if she is OK she told the that the driver charged them 30 bobbut later changed to 40 Bob…

To be continued

congratulations on the birth of your daughter…[SIZE=1]hiyo ingine ni hekaya pris.[/SIZE]…


What is the theme of this story?, she got into their car,she hugged tuktuk driver?, she was charged 40 bob in their car?

We really need to get rid of 844 for producing half baked graduates.


Same story she’s a desperate singo madha


Waiting for this bad experience

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Ikiwa hakuna happy ending wachana Na hio story


Thinking in Swahili and typing in English here Mr @introvert


Where were you coming from ? The two institutions are kilometres away

This is indeed a wonder!

Congrats for becoming a father. I believe its not your first but if it is,welcome to fatherhood.

About Gladys wacha nitafute ile kiti hupewa ma mono hapa…

Congrats for becoming a father. I believe its not your first but if it is,welcome to fatherhood.

About Gladys wacha nitafute ile kiti hupewa ma mono hapa…

Watype haraka kwani wamekushow umalize kutype wachukue simu? Ata ukitype kikuyu Google ita translate.

Yaani this is what parents nowadays are selling goats and shambas for? REALLY?

i see Poetic Justice right there

Hapa itabidi @introvert akuje na SGR train.

Kweli jo.
Hii ni riot. Noma sana.

Mbuzi mwenzake!!!smdh

Osngu imepewa torture ya CIA kabla inyongwe

:D:D:D…you always crack me up with your crazy comments and funny avatar.

Since everyone is throwing a jab, let me do the same. It seems like your Osungu still lives in Kangemi and it has to walk to town every day.

The retard is back