Yesterday at AMAR BAR in River-Road..

Yesterday, I went to drink soup at Amar bar and brothel in down-town Nairobi…Btw, they have the best soup in town…Since I had no intention of “washing my eyes” or seeking the services of the hookers, I went upstairs to the hotel that is next to the rooms where starved men go to empty their fluids with hookers after negotiating at the bar downstairs.
I counted the number of married men in their 40 and 50s who were entering the rooms with the prostitutes and I can now say that there is a big problem in today’s marriages….
Most of the people who seek the services of prostitutes are married men…UKweli ama uongo…

wewe ndio uko na shida. unasikia njaa unaenda kukula kwa brothel

Why would u hit 40 and yet u ain’t married?? A man gottu do what a man gottu do. Nothing to do with marriages…mehemehe za ndoa achia Maina.

Shut the FERK UP… I have told you they have the best soup in town…It’s a bar, a brothel and a restaurant… So you go in and get whatever you want…

Kila mmoja alikuwa na marriage certificate mkononi…

Nyani haoni…

Marriage is for confused people

Hio ni thread ya upiiii kapsa.

Wacha watu waoshe rungu in peace,mind your on business

Everyone seems the services of the night ladies. I thought you knew that.

Why go to a brothel to count men, you are a psycho.

Why do you care. You are there for the same reason.

And so gaaaaaay .

Which soup were you taking in a brothel ? Tell us the truth. Why do you want to prolong the list of sins on the judgement day? You want them to call out your name and say you were found guilty of adultery contrary to chapter 14 of 1st James and also guilty of lying to village elders contrary to the ten commandments ?

Matako yake

HIV is still around, I wonder how many pick it up casually in the brothels.

Get married first the visit married men hideouts. Peleka utoto jam-session za Dj Lyta.

That’s why we use condoms dammit how many times will I say that

Do you get paid to visit these danguros,kila siku banae

Siwes kunywa supu mahali kuna brothel…kenyans are dishonest and malicious people