Yes wadau, no time to waste, ni kuoga na kurudi soko with speed

So where is Mr. Brown Mauzo? Pumped and dumped huh? Whatever men can do, women can do better. Ama amerudi kwa Akothee his exe? The gigolo life is sad. You are 50 like Kibe na umefugwa na mwanamke who can throw you out at any time. Heh. Now that Zari is off the market na Nelly Oaks is comforting Akothee after her terrorist of a husband disappeared with her money. I never realised just how hard male identified women have it. But it’s harder when you are a grown man living in a woman’s house shamelessly. Bye beach.

Huyo ni mama mzee. Luyas can’t maintain shape after 35. Wanaanza kukaa wanaume

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@rexxsimba alisema that dude is gay in another thread. So there’s that

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What actually happened to Akothee. Hii hullabaloo yote I don’t know what the fuck went on. Ama watu wanagossip tu without full details?

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How much did he scatter with? That guy had all the signs of a thug. I mean, he had no job.

Akothee’s ex was Swiss. Brown did well kuacha hii maraya plastic. Ebu look up his current Fatima Idha mali safi sana

Very low blow…

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Malizeni huyo nyanye bila huruma.

Swiss wa wapi na Osama ni brother ake? Huyo ni Taliban no Swiss there.

She married Hamas thinking ni mzungu


Akothee herself said the guy is Swiss

Atleast aliingia mkia ya plastic