Yes shooting themselves on the foot

Like most people say anything made in yues is super expensive for nothing or over hyped. Now enter Chinaman, intel and apple M3 chip is about to face some real competition.
Qualcomm confirms that Huawei no longer need its chips Qualcomm confirms that Huawei no longer need its chips -

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Long live Vladimirovic Putin founding father of multipolar world. Protector of Conservative family, exposer of NATO as a paper tiger, champion of dedollarization. Once we ditch the Benji hao mashoga are finished.


@Simiyu22 Kuja hapa si you said China can’t innovate

They should start manufacturing computer chips , zenye inaingiana na socket za Intel and amd, alafu washukishe bei, suddenly tuanze kununua new latest desktop and laptop at only 30k , hapo itabidii Sodom wapunguze bei ya their chips

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What have they innovated? Is this something never seen before or just copied technology?? Ebu tueleze.

Soma the above article vizuri. They are at an advanced stage to replace intel.
They intend to go the apple way for their tablets. From there jumping to pc will be very easy.

The intention was to cripple them so that they would go back to Sodom begging for the chips. Now they decided to make their own leaving Sodom worried on where they will sell their damn expensive tech. If you can’t see innovation in this good for you.
Another example is if I buy ugali from you and you decide to be cheeky with dictating my consumption what would make me not prepare my own. It might not taste like yours but since it’s flour and water I will become innovative and make better ugali with time.

She has fallen! Babylon the Great has fallen
Woe said the merchants

He is your response Chinese scientists have developed a method that will free China from the need to have western made lithography machines to make chips

Propaganda my friend. PICs are not even successful in labs, let alone commercial production. If you think this can be leapfrogged in a year, you have a long way to go.

Pics haven’t been successful until now don’t pretend to be an expert when you are clearly not when the euv lithography was being introduced to produce sub 7nm chips yield rate was not ideal but it was fine tuned until it became efficient as you noted in the article if you read the Chinese will be using a new chemical compound which works better than the existing solution,my point is Chinese self sufficiency in chips is coming whether you want to believe it or not

You put a document that was only sourced by one news source. I would have given you credit if was not a Chinese propaganda website.

Last year China could not make 7nm chips now it can that’s all for now

SMIC in China has been producing 7nm chips since 2021.