Herb? Herb is the healing of the nation, seen? Once you smoke herb, you all must think alike. Now if you thinking alike, dat mean we 'pon the same track. If we 'pon the same track, that mean we gonna unite!![ATTACH=full]345656[/ATTACH]


Even though you burn down my collie fields, Jah will send the rain to make it grow again.

… have a likkle Ishen tree … but a stock of SENSEMILLA

Burnin Marijuana Pon Di Corna
It Keep Mi Calma It Mek Mi Smarta
Burnin On Di Highway Its Di Highest Grade Gettin
To Ma Head

tutakula adi kifua ikatae.

Wacha nimalize chain ndo nimecomment, meanwhile, Hail Selllasie Jah Rastafarai

We gonna legalise the holy herb

Unfortunately, the reality was that some of his subjects walikuwa wanalala njaa ilhali pets wake walikuwa wako poa. I don’t blame him, he was too shielded kwa vitu kwa grao…

If you knew the truth about the real sellasie . He was a tyrant like Mugabe. Watu wa reggae misintepreted the words of Marcus Garvey (who was himself a critic of Haile Selasie) making him a figurehead for their cult.Sellasie used them for PR. He was nowhere near the pan-Africanist or nationalist he’s romanticized to be.
He was a slave owner, and “abolished” slavery in 1942. He took credit winning a war with Italians -truth he was hiding in England. He consolidated power by weakening other communities with help of Royal Airforce bombers .
That palace with animals etc was to entertain his European and American friends while Ethiopians were dying due to famine. He spent $35 million!! for celebrating his 80th birthday during the Wollo famine. It is said you could see Ethiopians dead from hunger from his palace windows while he could afford to feed his 20 lions …what he did to Eritreans (who had being forced to fight by Italians)…wacha tu.
There’s a lot of misinfo about this guy , but he does not deserve that reverence he gets.

Herb make me feel so regal and royal
Highgrade Fi legal fi legal