Yes Rasta!

“…in desolate places… we’ll find our bread!”

Nobody wannu plant the corn
Everybody want to raid the barn
(Antony B)

I give a little here, I give a little there and keep a little for myself.
Life is so unfair, yet is good to share when you trying to help someone else.

Concrete jungle where the living is hardest

Why try to make I unhappy Really I don’t know, If it was up to them my friend We would never see the sun nor the snow, Through that mystical communication within We keep on coming together, I love to see brothers and sisters Looking out for one another, That’s the way it should be Not contrary, stop tearing down each other … Only Rasta free the people, Over hills and valleys too

Buju banton oh yes. Kuna version mpya ya hii ngoma

Israel vibration big bad chune.

One of the best songs I ever heard. Simple and very strong message.

Poa sana Kawa