This are some of the reasons men of today fear marriage ,bibi analose shape anakaa puff ander

What they do is that they relax juu wanajiambia the race to search or getting married is over so now she can chill, eat and get fat like a pig…
Huyu anakaa ile ice cream cone.

Huyu anakaa kuuma decki akipea omuhusband blojo



This is not just being overweight. It’s more like being manly with a few female features here and there.

:D:D:D:D:D…hii ni mwili ya kina shiko na shiro ,bure kabisaaa!!!

Cunt relate… Mungich problems

wewe kwani ni wa back office?

:D:Dback office Dio gani mkamba?

Yuck! This woman is ugly and unattractive.