Yenyewe ukiwa na pesa+skills+time hakuna kitu huezi duu

i hope mlienda ushago na mbandos zamhindi… here is something to disrupt you from your boring auntie wa dubai …mwenye amekuja hii get together

It’s really set of fantastic videos anyway for many many reasons for them later. Care to see me going or not ? I do want to make it happen. And nothing can really change that for many many things. I do want to make it happening. We simply can’t beat them.

Nani amekupiga unalia? Hadiya maliza kulia ndo utype juu you cant type with tears in your eyes

When you download the youtube app I believe that those matchstick videos are the first recommendations for you to watch. Zikiwa na key and peele.
In other words sidhani kuna mtu hajaona angalau moja.