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[SIZE=7]Embu: Man handed six-month jail term for insulting neighbour[/SIZE]
By Benjamin Muriuki For Citizen Digital

A 27-year-old man was on Wednesday sentenced to six months in jail or pay a fine of Ksh.5,000 for insulting his neighbour at Kithungururu village in Embu.
Joshua Njiru Njeru was arraigned before Embu Senior Resident Magistrate Jean Ndengeri where he pleaded guilty to calling his neighbour matako (buttocks).

The accused was charged that on February 24, 2020 at around 2pm he created disturbance in manner likely to cause a breach of peace by shouting abusive words and threatening to harm Lucy Wanjovi Gachingi.
The court was told that on the material day, the woman had gone to return a rod she had borrowed from the accused and it is then that he started insulting her.

The court heard that the accused called Wanjovi ‘Matako’ and other unprintable words upon which she left .
The accused is said to have followed the woman to her home and even threatened to harm her, prompting Wamjovi to report the matter at Manyatta Police Station.

In his defence, Njiru told the court that on the material day he was drunk and that he was remorseful for his action pleading for leniency.

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