Yemen War, Africa's Refugees

For three years, Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest country, has been wracked by a bloody war between the Houthi rebels and supporters of Yemen’s internationally recognised government. Because of the ongoing civil war in Yemen, millions of Yemeni are facing starvation and disease. Hundreds of thousands are fleeing to Djibouti and Somalia, Africa.

Tiny Djibouti is an a bind of itself and cannot handle that influx; Somalia is not very stable. I aver that it’s just a matter of time before they start trickling into Kenya via Ethiopia and/or Somalia!! And lest you forget, Yemen has been a very fertile breeding ground for ISIL and alQaeda!


Hii ni serious, yaani kananuka hadi unaona utorokee Somalia, Somalia of all places

Hawa majamaa huwa wanachoma kwao, then wakihamia place ingine that doesn’t recognize religious bullshizzle wanaanza kuzua, yet it’s the same religion yenye inamaliza kwao…

Isn’t it easier to go to Saudi Arabia or Oman?

In 2015, Saudi Arabia formed a coalition of Arab states to defeat the Houthis in Yemen. The coalition includes Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan and Senegal. Several of these countries have sent troops to fight on the ground in Yemen, while others have only carried out air attacks.

Via Ethiopia sioni wakifaulu.

True, Ethiopia is likely, but not probable - but Somalia is a viable route. There - I’ve added that to the post!!

Yale makombora Saudi Arabia inaangusha huko apana macheso

The camera-man did not expect the shockwave to reach him!

Sio Somali yote iko vita as most Kenyans perceive…Kuna part is very peaceful na watu uishi kama kawaida. I know Kenyans (and not somali-kenyans) am talking about nywele ngumu Kenyans who have businesses in Somali na wao uishi uko

Houthi rebels have lion spirit. They’re not giving up after Saudi Arabia has wasted billions of dollars raining bombs on them. Saudi Arabia knows Iran is the one nation likely supporting Houthi rebels.
Personally I don’t care for the Yemeni or the Saudis. But because I’m against imperialism of any kind, I’m rooting for Saudi to lose. A tall order.

Senegal walipeleka rambirambi tu :smiley:

I saw a documentary of Somaliland. It’s peaceful and normal. It distances itself from Somali saying it’s an independent nation. Lakini hakuna Country that recognises Somaliland.

Bora wasije Kenya.

Their capital is Hargesia. Other than Somaliland theres also Puntland which has been seeking recognition as an independent state.

I see Oman is not on your list. Because its the most Neutral country in the Middle East, politically, religiously and all. It would have been a good alternative but based on where the pounding is happening, the closest alternative for immediate respite is Djibouti / Somalia / Eritrea

Most of these guys are savages. They just hide behind Islam lakini they’re worse than animals. I was watching a documentary about some Pakistanis who’ve been emigrating to Norway for like 30 years now. Majority come from one village and were dirt poor farmers when they decided to move. They usually come back to Pakistan in their twilight years to build huge mansions that they barely live in, just to reassure themselves that they will never be as poor as they once were. These guys had a meeting and all agreed that Christian majority countries have been more compassionate to them than their muslim “brothers” who treat them like shit in the middle east. Lakini hata hawa ni shida tu inawahumble, wote ni sampuli moja.

There was a Pakistani who was trying to be racist with me and I was like get a hobby Paki boy. Yes I know Blacks are at the bottom of the pile but really ? Pakistanis ? Choth

That place is called somaliland. It’s different from Somalia . Very peaceful place

Surely unajenga this big mansion only not to live in it juu uko ngambo, then when you die your kids sell it off the following day to buy houses ngambo#! Why did you build it at first ?