I don’t know if anyone has seen this show yet but goddammit it’s so good. The entire cast all the way from Kevin Costner to Cole Hauser the entire cast is just incredible.
I haven’t really enjoyed a tv show this much in a long long time.
Getting to see that sunny ranch my love for horses and Pickup trucks just made it even better.
A huge props to Taylor Sheridan the director for being able to Write and direct this show at the same time.
Can’t wait to see more from this universe. 1883 and the upcoming The Four Sixes.

Can’t wait too. That it has some bit of action just adds to the thrill. That the 6666 ranch actually exists makes it even more interesting >>>>fiction hinged on something real

Yellowstone is . 1883 (already out btw) is .

yellowstone is okay but naona ni kama script inataka kuisha especially vile the ranch is not self sustaining . mzee Dutton pia anakaa uzee inamumaliza . 1883 is great season 2 itakuwa muoto, the blonde dying girl i think ni great great grand aunty wa John Dutton

Nope, ni sister to John Dutton. The kid is actually young John Dutton. And yeah, 1883’s storyline is better.

Yeah exactly. Actually the Director bought the ranch for himself so now he has the freedom to do whatever he wants with it.

I am 3 episodes into 1883. Naipeleka polepole isiishe haraka:D

It seems u didn’t like it that much but i get your point. They will have to be creative with the 5th season.
But so far invested in the characters more than the story . Give me Kayce with a gun, Rip smashing people’s heads in and some beth drama am good

no i liked it but its a diluted version of my best shows ever JUSTIFIED and BANSHEE

I stopped watching Hollywood stuff

1883 makes life look easy

Tupee rink.
Lakini naona banshee and Banshee re_loaded hapa Showmax and will definitely watch them after finishing watching …

The Sopranos.