Yea ...Alarmist...Myth or Factual

Mulisema @Tacobra ni ALARMIST…kumbe was trying to help the perverted kijiji with morally deranged degenerates…Ona Sasa[ATTACH=full]490569[/ATTACH]


sielewi who are the infected, is it the gays, is it the prostitutes, is it thepoliticians ama hii theory wametoa wapi?

Continue living in denial…

Mashamba bado tutalima na hakuna kitu utafanya ila kuendelea.kuuza uoga as you wank in dirty socks tukimwaga ndani.


Watupatie stats in terms of age groups, ni wazee ama vijana…

it must then be a certain group of women because men rarely go to hospital unless it is life threatening

They do. They just do it silently and anonymously