Yanyonge yanyonga mwalimu mkuu

Kioko Mutie committed suicide on Monday evening, June 21, 2021, at Yanyonge Primary School.

Area Assistant Chief Mulinge Wambua confirmed the incident, stating that they were astounded by the death as the 46-year-old teacher was a charismatic leader.

“He had never shown any signs of depression as he was full of life,” Wambua noted. The authorities could not ascertain why he took his own life. A search for a suicide note or any other hints was futile.

Pupils and teachers converged at the administration block to mourn their principal who hanged himself.

Teachers and parents lauded the deceased stating that he was an education enthusiast and disciplinarian.

“He always arrived in school early to begin teaching and correlated well with teachers,” a tutor eulogised, adding that he was a student’s favourite.

The body of the deceased was ferried to a nearby morgue awaiting a postmortem by a government pathologist.

Do people hang themuselefus our of depression only? I thought fear,shame,anger etc does

It’s a wide field chief but many just think of depression. Many don’t even know what depression is

He decided to go out with a pun.

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