Yankees namalisa Euros, 1 USD = 1 EUR

Waah, Americans walidanganya Europe waende vita za upuzi, ona sasa :D. Juzi tu dollar ilikuwa 100 na Euro 120. Sai ziko on the same wavelength


Its good for those importing goods from Europe.

Imefika parity o_O

Which lube are they using?

Hehehe… the longer this Ukraine thing goes on the lower the Euro goes. Westerners have began cannibalizing each other. Muricans wameanza kumaliza Eurobeans.

Hehe ni kubaya roundi hii. Such stuff happened 20 years ago last.

And all this somehow ends up hurting African countries worst.

Its significant since the Euro is the next best currency after the dollar.

Our banks don’t care. Lube bila huruma.

WD40 with improved ingredients

How is the ripple effect felt?

GBP inakuja. 1.186 to a dollar saa hii, na inashuka kama Niagra falls. Lakini kila mtu anapigwa kijiti na USD. JPY iko 137.37 saa hii. CAD iko 1.545 from normal 1.3. Dollar iko strong

I am paid in GBP and every month am getting less and less in my account. 4 months ago it was trading at 155 to kshs. right now it is at 140. Tunaumia sana.

What metric is used for this? Like how do you identify the next best currency and what exactly does that mean?

After the dollar the next most used and dominant currency is the Euro

tuko nyuma ya ruble