Yaliyojiri hivi punde Sudan ya Kaskazini.



When will African military dictators ever learn? They get in, take off their uniform and refuse to imagine that another soldier in the barracks is plotting to do exactly what they did to get that power.

Next ni museveni.

Kudos to Sudanese women for their active role in the revolution .[ATTACH=full]233135[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]233136[/ATTACH]

His government is full of relatives in strategic positions. The only people who can threaten him are in UPDF.

Im sure the revolutionaries in Sudan are very happy . how foolish they are

Can confirm the protests have now intensified than before.
There have been people and cars moving and hooting the whole night, even now as I type this.

si urudi nyumbani mzae, unangoja kanuke ndio uanze kusema sirkal saidia!?

Fact you cannot oppress people forever

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir has stepped down and consultations are under way to set up a transitional council to run the country, government sources and a provincial minister said on Thursday. - Reuters

After some time, it will be the same old song: Same forest, different monkeys…

aii…kwanini we dont get such sudanese hapa kenya,wale wa ungem,kahawawest,ronga na utawala wanachafunga macho sana…kwanza wako matyre kwa uso

Hopefully I’ll be out soon.

Chief we are discussing Sudan , you are referring to South Sudan ladies.

If only akina @Purple can have the same balls … RWNEBP

30 yrs is more than enough Bashir a negotiate exit package and safe transition

U.S.A is typing…

Bashir has stepped down and put under house arrest.