yaani, Trump decided to go for presidency will all these crap???

Two women comes forward claiming that trump touched them inappropriately… Can it get worse than this???

Upus whites be whores

wacha kutusumbua Wonderful Meffi

Zile Osungu.dll ziko hapa hazigwes pika kuku…

Could you kindly explain what is depicted in this pic…nimeshindwa kuelewa…

Bro, shut your left eye, then squint the right one while nodding slowly. It will become clear. Hehehe…

All he needs to do is tell the press and public “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” – Problem solved.

Women have learnt to protect their privates when around Trump.
You never know when he feels like grabbing puthy.

hata ile upuss ya juzi angeruka kenyan style . TUKO NA TRUMP all the way

Tukiwa klist ukikuwa atwoli…everyone knew you were gay…here we are again, your dear candidate is straight while he lied to you that he gay…we feel you bro, betrayal in the city

that is just media manipulation

Speak for yourself ^^^ ION sioni shida na Trump, only that most of us speak about it while he keeps it real. Too bad when you vie for an elective post watu watajaribu kujua when your granny’s virginity was broken.



@wonderful wonder = @Chloe

leta rink tusome

VE unatuangusha

Slow coach…@introvert itabidi uanze kuleta osungu.dll translator…

And whether a Ktalker was involved…

don’t be surprised if someone tells you they have done exactly that :D:D:D

come they?:D:D