Yaani siku hizi nikiona rainbow...

…kwa cartoons za tujuniour I start seeing ulterior motives whatever the intention is. Fkd up times we’re living in I say. You just don’t know what to believe in anymore smdh

They stopped hidding.

Onyesha wao videos by Russian/oriental channels on YouTube zenye ziko in English, otherwise zima hiyo TV. No local shiit, no Western BS. Ama uirudishe kwa box kama @Wanaruona and replace it with a junior library.

Gone are the days when a rainbow was just a rainbow for Christ’s sake

hii na kkk au ukabila iko tofauti?

But Seuz Efrika used to be referred to as the "rainbow nation "…
Does that mean they…
Ama washa tu.

whataboutism. so we should tolerate rainbow because we tolerate other vile and horrible things, thats your school of thought old man, right?

A Batswana (a person from Botswana) once told me that when the West wants to try anything, they say “let’s try it in Kenya. They rarely refuse anything”.

This cartoon here was banned, reason being that The Loud House cartoon had scenes of Homosexuality — Clyde McBride, an African-American who was Lincoln’s best friend was adopted by two gay men (his dads).


Itabidi sasa ku-prewatch and vet all entertainment, or limit it to movies/cartoons/series za kitambo

Even better stock up old books

Nimejaza loony tunes na cartoon network kwa hard disk for that very reason.

The Raymond blanket shared by @poyoloko and it’s husband @uwesmake is rainbow coloured . Originally it was normal but die to exhausts and other corrosive elements emissions from the gangbangs it eroded the blanket to rainbow colors

Bana sitakangi kuskia ati “R” stands for rainbow…
the best thing you can do as a father right now is to have a very strong presence in his life…play soccer with him, ride a bike with him and change wheels and oil with him…testosterone boosting physical activities zikue kwa wingi because honestly very very few sportsmen in contact sports are gey…hata hapa ktalk i feel like the recent explosion of openly ghey talkers has something to do with sedentary lifestyles and consumption of junk food…mtu anakaa kwa desk from morning to evening bila kutembea wala kuchapa gym…sundays kujeni hapa kangemi grounds tuchape ball…sio kuwatch tu premiership…
back to kids, also make sure your wife or baby mama does not soften him…kwanza ban those stupid nicknames…hata chakula wacha akule nduma na ugali No.2 kwa wingi and buy him appropriate clothing…just toughen him…