Yaani Jaruo mnamaliza your best brains?

Best student in 2012 KCSE exams dies

By Viola Kosome
On Thu, 12 Aug, 2021 22:04

Edgar Odongo, the best student in the country in the 2012 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) has died.

Odongo who recently graduated from Yale University died hours after he was allegedly attacked by unknown assailants.

According to a close family member, the deceased passed on yesterday at 10 pm while undergoing treatment at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH).

He was taken to the facility from Homa Bay County Referral Hospital with deep cuts and bruises in his body.

Yesterday, family members were still in shock as they recounted the last moments they shared with him.

His mother was too distraught to talk at the JOOTRH morgue before they transferred his body back to Homa Bay at Kitiro mortuary.

“I am in pain mourning my son and I do not want media coverage. I am appealing that you let us mourn in peace,” his mother said.

Other family members however recounted how a good samaritan had picked him at Ogongo in Homa Bay with injuries on the day he was attacked.

They said that he left his house at around 8 pm to go for a short walk.

Little did he know that his bright future would be cut short in the unfortunate incident.

Dan Okech, a brother-in-law said that they only learnt about his death from a family friend who found him along the road after the attack.

“I was shocked when a friend was informing me that he had died. I couldn’t believe it since I spoke to him recently,” he said.

Social media was still awash as Kenyans mourned an academic hero who was hoping to start his career as an electric engineer.

Elizabeth Akinyi, a step-sister said they have lost a bright boy and described his death as heartbreaking.

“Death has robbed us. Edgar was a very hardworking boy full of respect and we did not imagine losing him this early. As a family, we are appealing with the police to launch investigations to arrest and charge whoever attacked him,” she said.

He was an alumnus of Maseno Boys High School.


He should have settled in the U.S instead of coming back to this peasant republic.

If he went back to ushago, it’s probably because he had run out of options looking for a job yet he was a Yale graduate. Sad state of our country!!!

Maybe he had a mental issue or was a junkie. Lakini I agree with you. Kuenda US hata heri kufanya pest control huko na lawn mowing kuliko kurudi vumbistan for a young man with no attachments.

After interacting with the guys who seem to be doing well financially in Nairobi, I came to realize that most of them spent time abroad and got the money from there before returning to do business.

Just interact with those mid thirties and early forties successful guys and you will realize that doing a stint abroad is like a requirement. Majority were middle class guys who went abroad, did some odd jobs for a few years and then returned with some $$$ for business.

Luo jangilis are savage af.

A friend was accosted by thugs close to his home, beaten to a pulp, to the point of death. When they realised they knew him, the dimwits dragged his almost lifeless body to his gate, called out n left him there.

He was taken to hospital and got out with hundred plus stitches later. If they hadn’t dragged him to the gate, mchwa wangekuwa wanacelebrate mbaya.

Someone in Kenya must have given him fake hype about “East or West, home is best.” Only home isn’t always best. His death is a huge waste of potential for his people.

Home is best ukirudi na pesa sio mkono mtupu. There are no jobs here. But there are many business opportunities. Business opportunities require capital. Kurudi huku bila pesa from majuu ni kujiwaste.

A great loss to his family, region and the country at large

Very true. Mkono mtupu haulambwi

Which business opportunities are these when clearly, disposable income is scarce?

If you have money and a good head on your shoulders utaunda pesa mzuri Kenya. Disposable income is obviously not as high as huko majuu, but this environment is also less competitive (in terms of capital access). For example, huku ukiwa na 10M uko na supermarket. I’m sure the same amount is nothing huko majuu. So it is easier to just accumulate that cash from huko then unarudi huku and start a proper business. Just a thought. As a third world country, I would expect that the returns here per dollar are higher than there due to the higher risk.

sasa enda unda thread

Who is this chokosh trying to tell his grandfather what to do

Kenya is scary though, the corruption, everyone is basically out to steal from you. Even that supermarket ile pilferage itakuwa, eventually you’ll go bankrupt like Uchumi and Tuskys. Life majuu is also very sweet when you have money and can stop thinking constantly about “home.” I doubt whether the profits from that supermarket are anything to write home about. Say a person here is saving $2k per month, do you want to tell me that a kshs 10m supa can net the same profit?

I used a supermarket just as an example of a business. You are in healthcare.

If you want to start a private hospital that is competitive, how much do you need there? My guess is that you need alot more than you need to start a private hospital here. It will probably take you decades to afford openning one competitive hospital there.

Employment is not scalable, business is. That $2k seems like alot at the start, but in the long term, it will only increase marginally. For the hospital, the upside is huge and you can expand significantly in just five years.

About the supermarket, the payback period is less than 2 years if it is well-run and located at a good place. So yeah, it should net over $2k.

Such a loss,how do killers feel when they realize they’ve killed such a promising person?

Business debt here is very cheap and carries huge tax benefits. The government does this on purpose to support SMEs. Banks can also give you cheap loans against your home equity whereas in Kenya you simply don’t have that. In Kenya if you need capital you must save or borrow at a punitively high rate.

Good point in principle, but it changes nothing in practice because that credit is available to everyone in that environment ie your competitors. You literally have no competitive edge.
When you come here with your stash, you have a big competitive edge (the capital). Local doctors don’t have that kind of money so they will end up working for you once you set up the hospital.

You think watu wa kwao ocha walikuwa wamefurahia? Their kids are alcoholic boda riders alafu ufikirie watafurahi wako akienda majuu?

I have seen graduates poisoned wakienda ocha for a thanksgiving event. You can die everywhere but when making some good progress in life, avoid watu wa ushago or people who know you too well.

siwezi toka majuu kukuja kupambana na hali ngumu vumbistan. Sasa huko ocha 8ph kijana alikua anaenda wapi>