Yaani hakuna mkamba angekataza driver awache ujinga?


Ignorance is just bad. Maybe driving classes need to add this to curriculum. moving water is a killer.

What is the average IQ of your regular mathrees driver? Now, what is the courage of your regular, Kenyan, how about a Kao???

Weeping, wailing and the gnashing of teeth:D


Kaos don’t have experience with moving water.

Are you a new arrival in kenya?

What’s your point here ?

Umenikumbusha wailing souls, but wakamba wengi si jogooo, they will just wisper n let u die

Hope they are all safe

Naona 16 people were onboard

Thats cold bro…below the belt

18 are.already dead


Manze this thing is sad. 18 dead 2 bodies not found. So those are 20 kids with their whole lives ahead of them. I blame school admins and also the driver with this mentality of following the rules lazima basi ifike 5 pm by all means. Pia nimeona mtu twitter akisema we should blame our officials that cannot be the first time that road has flooded. The irony ni watakuja kwa funeral kuomba kura. As Kenyans we deserve better.

Bus hired out. Said that it was ferrying adults. Assumptions zitakuua!

Well still 20 people are dead.

watu watasema ni uchawi not ignorance, this is kenya

1ft of water is enough to make that bus float .Sasa ongeza lateral forces and you wonder what the driver was thinking

bonobo -18 lateral forces + 18

Senseless deaths .RIP

Now compare this comment with your previous, faggot!

Angetumia very low gear & speed MAY BE angefaulu. Yeye aliweka speed ni kama ako kwa sand au matope, akasahau anahitaji grip.