Yaani Even Bananas Have Been Cause For Regime Change? BANANAS?

Allegedly, the “Panama disease” is on track to wipe out the world’s banana plantations. Are Kenyan banana farmers aware of this, ama yote tumeachia mungu? After all, ni kwa neema zake, ama vipi?

When overworked and underpaid banana plantation workers in Nicaragua, Colombia, Panama, Honduras, and Colombia attempted to form unions, America interpreted it as tilting towards communism and sent Marines to intervene. The US implemented regime change in Guatemala. If countries can be destabilized because of FUCKING BANANAS, then nothing is impossible ya’ll.

The Panama disease already wiped out a banana species known as the Gros Michel. It was replaced by the current favorite known as the Cavendish, which is also under threat of extinction. Is there a Kenyan banana farmer here who can confirm whether the Cavendish is, in fact, the banana species we plant and consume?

Anyway, the Panama disease is coming for your bananas. So enjoy them while you still can.


Uncle Sam is controlled by corporate usa. If you disrupt their eating then democracy is delivered to your door.

In Kenya and UG we grow our bananas by substituents farming. Small individual farms. In south America they grow banana in huge 10000 - 50000 acres irrigation large scale farms owned by usa firms. Grown, packed and shipped north or europe. The problems are the chemicals used, poor wages and minimal tax they pay. That’s why wamekalia panama government which only got independence in the 90’s from USA.

Ilipotea kenya kitaambo.
Ni ile wakikuyu walikuwa wanaita Mûnjûû

As a banana farmer, i grow several cavendish cultivars propagated through tissue culture. Many of these are said to be resistant to the panama disease. The biggest threat to banana growing is drought

this is a banana:


hizi zingine zimefanyiwa ukarabati

Hii banana tulikuwa tanaiita Kîfunda. Very sweet but hard inside!

Is the “dying bananas” a symbolic representation for the physical manifestation of the decline of the banana controllers?

Apparently the banana originated in Asia; according to ancient scriptures The banana tree is equated to Devaguru Brihaspati or planet Jupiter and is believed to get benefit from it.
Also 'the Banana tree is very pious and symbolizes Lord Vishnu who is believed to be “the savior”.

Who is Vishnu?
Vishnu is one of the principle deities, along with Brahma and Shiva, forms the Hindu trinity. Vishnu is known for his steadfast principles of order, righteousness, and truth.

zamaaaani kulikuwa na some type of banana that had huge seeds. Sijui zilipotea wapi

si ni wale wasee wa GMO waliharibu karibu kila kitu

Probably wild bananas. Kina Monsanto have taken over nearly every food crop, nowadays it’s very rare to find kienyeji crops. They breed special types that rarely have seeds. The ones that still have seeds can’t reproduce. If you eat a banana and see some “dots”, that’s where the seeds are but they’re engineered to never mature. The argument is that by removing seeds they give you more banana to eat, but this also ensures farmers always buy new seeds for every crop they want to plant. Hence more money for the corporations. Sio kama kitambo when you could just throw seeds on the ground and watch them grow over the next few months.
If these people want to starve us to death, all they need to do is deny us seeds.

Really ?
Gugu inaseema ni wilt ama some disease. But as recently as 2015 huko Kajulu I bought a bunch.


maybe ata niwao walitengeneza iyo disease ndio baadaye wa-introduce mandizi bonoko…who knows