Xtian Vs Pluto.. (Pwagu Vs Pwaguzi)

Pluto is a conman hiding behind his scripted sanitizing channel, Xtian thought he would ride a wave to mbirrions, but kijana had other plans( no such ting as free lunch). The domino effect of Plutos mastermind scam drove Xtian to the precipice.
these are the guys running clean scams behind the scenes that leave thousands of Kenyans looking up to the sky and asking why.


River YALA and Ngong Forest

Any land deal advertised on radio or TV is scam.

The law of kijiji Elders is very clear.

Pluto ni nani? Xtian ni nani?
Kwani ni Kenya gani naishi? I seem no to know many people lately.

who are these? clicking has refused

Umaffi thread :meffi:

:meffi: its what you have between your ears. Thats why you gravitate towards it.

As long as a camera is pointed towards them, iko nia.

post madame kama huna chakutuambia.

Xplain bila fideo

Ama weka picha