XN Iraki huchungulia Kenyatalk.

Truer words have never been said. But, where I come from we’re still powerful and proud. Since independence, we’ve never elected a woman MP - we vote for merit, aspiring women MPs have simply never made much of an impression. And, we don’t entertain chieftains like Ruto and Raila who make political decisions for the whole community with little consultation. On the domestic side, bado tukikohoa our women’s panties drip wet hehehehe. It’s time for those wimps from central Kenya to start taking bench marking trips to our land. Uhuru seems to be taking tips from Matiangi, smaller kikuyu men should follow suit.

Nonsense, nowadays there are soo many kikuyu boys with their mothers’ names for any one person to stand out. In a class with 40 students, you can be sure at least five have such names. Alafu that bullying you’re talking about is not reserved for only children with female names. Hata ukiwa na wazazi wote bado utaulizwa “ati babako ni mwizi? Mbona mamako huvaa kama maliar?”.

One out of eight is still a tiny minority.
So, what was your point again?

It is a sizeable minority. If we’re talking about 5 million children, then more than 600k would be categorized as having such names, which is not tiny.

how does that refute my point that a young man who has grown up without a father may find difficulties finding his balance in life?

I just said those “little things” you talked about are not reserved for children with female surnames.

I’m of the opinion that even if the father is around, the child could still adopt his mothers name as his last name. So many examples abound in Kenya that I believe we are past the shock phase.

In instances of rape, the father can be ‘unknown’. In all other cases, a woman can and should be able to tell whodunnit.



even if she got done by four men in two days? only DNA will help her.

why? maybe if they are not living together as man and wife.

Ironically, Ktalk is teeming with ‘half-a-males’ whose sole objective in life is to pour inside and then leave simgomatha standing on the kerb with her infant child. Amuite nani?

I said (anonymous) rape because a woman who gets done by four men in two days can still name the four and have them tested.

Coz we valued our traditions. If you impregnated a girl you were made to marry her. Unalipia Hadi mahari.

This female naming culture is very strange, even lesbian couples in the west dont do it, the child usually inherits one of the couple’s male relative name.