Xmass like no other

@KNH spending the day with my patient.
Leukemia sio mchezo.
Wish her merry Christmas and Quick recovery

Pole Sana Kizee. I lost a cousin a few years back to leukemia, yake was diagnosed in the late stages though.

Lost two of my dear friends to it… Quick recovery to her and Merry Christmas.!

We wish her a speedy recovery…our thoughts and prayer go to her.

mad respect to you old goat,wengine kama sisi ni pombe na kula tu:(:frowning: [SIZE=1]sasa siskii hata pombe ikiingia[/SIZE]


[ATTACH=full]216858[/ATTACH]my view this of Ngong hills.
KNH looks great, ballons and xmass decorations in all wards.
Ata Leo visitors hawafukuzwi.
Earlier today all patients were given a piece of cake and snacks

With you bro.

Pole my elder brother. Mungu yu pamoja naye. May she get well soon and merry xmas to her.

quick recovery to the patient

Pole Sana, a friend daughter was diagnosed with it. He is going through hell.

Wish her QR by God’s grace

pole sana,ni kutoka ile wakati ?

Pole sana bro. Speedy recovery to her

Melia, I wish you all the best.

Pole sana bro… May Gods healing Grace be upon her in Jesus mighty name.

Tuko pamoja chief.

Pole mesh, will be well.

Merry Christmas to Her and to You, Give Her a High-five from Her Anonymous Friend…

Namtakia kila la heri akipambana na hiyo saratani ya damu.
Nawe ujaliwe nguvu, neema na uwezo was kuendelea kumsaidia mgonjwa.
Hats hivyo, @Meria Mata, nakutakia Krismasi njema.

Quick recovery to her, you have given her a Christmas gift recommended and approved by @introvert 's aunt Salome.Putting others before you. #Respect.