Xmas eating!

I saw this here then removed. Did this person finish all this meat?



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‘Too much meat’ isn’t a thing.

Maybe you could have asked the person who posted it

a cow is an Indian god but fuck it tunachinja Indian gods this Christmas fuck Indians #small penis

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continue eating your dhal and pepper…

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:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Ranchieth i usually finish a kilo of ugali na nyama kilo moja very easily .

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hehe ulisave mbisha bingwa, wewe ni noma


bado anatufuta comeback with probably another handle to brag about how big his penis is!

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now way…kau ni karema hiti (the type of bone in that meat is so hard to tear the meat from even the hyenas pass it)

That wall na viti zinakaa mtu wa mashida shida hivi
sindio @Jirani


Who the fuck gave u the rights to speak…stupid N.V…keti pale---------->

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this msomali ana shida