Xinjiang Files Emerge. (Graphic)

When it comes to Islamix terrorism, I FULLY support Xi Jinping. Hii sio kitu ya kucheka nayo, it’s either you destroy it or it destroys you, no two way about it. America itself spent $20T to fight it, China should be allowed too. Kenya itself had to take out several clerics who were poisoning the youth with this harmful ideology. Wazungu waache kupretend that Islam is all about roses and peace. Cc: @Sambamba



I think in the current era and the future, religion should be completely abolished and be a private affair.

USA did worse to negro slaves and natives Americans

No cap

Hii yote imetokana na vitisho za Biden when he was in Japan the other day,he said he will be compelled to interfere incase Taiwan wavurugwe na Xinjiang. Beijing ilibidi imeapeana presser,now this.

Yaani hakutawahi kua na order for atleast five minutes without drama kwa hii dunia,enyewe dunia inaisha.

The world has been peaceful for like 200 years only what if ungeishi Enzi za Inquistors ama most recently during WW2? Si ungelia

What’s going on in Xinjiang Province and against innocent Moslem Uyghurs population in north western China has nothing to do with terrorism but just plain Genocide…

China is a closed society and “big brother” is everywhere to the extent that there are no known incidents of terrorism as we know it in that country…
( …If you know of an Incident, kindly tell us …)

What we have is Genocide of the Uyghurs on a massive scale , forced sterilizations and abortions , forced organ harvesting, large scale “re-education” camps , forced labour camps , family separations and repression of a people who just want to practice their religion peacefully…









It has all been documented …
Shenzi Kabisa …

There must be a separation of religion and State …
( … Religion is a private affair …)

All personal freedoms should be defended ( … but within bounds of Law and Good Order …)

  • Freedom of Expression
  • Freedom of Association
  • Life , Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness.
  • The rights of an accused person and legal representation.
  • ownership ship of private and intellectual property.

Religion can never be a private affair ngombe hii. dumb leftist cunt.

Go China Go. We should be doing the same to fag.gots.


in an utopian world yes. But religion in itself has expansionist tendencies. for it to survive it must get new recruits. It can never be private they have to actively seek new members through radicalization or any other method

thats childsplay
if they really care about human condition they should be more concerned at what’s happening next door in mexico
people are being slaughtered like butchery meat right now as we speak in the current drug wars

the homicide rates in south America are crazy,

Kwavile US did worse then unahalalisha CCP kufanya the same abuses to humanity kama wanavyofanya sasa?

Dunia gani tunaishi hii ya two-wrongs make it right?

Yaani unakunya nje sababu uliniona nakunya nje jana,wewe unaona ni sahihi kabisa?

@rexxsimba why do Uyghur muslims want to pay such a heavy cost for their religion?

Fake shit

I support China. Muslim chieth wakiachiliwa watakusumbua. Even Kenya hivi karibuni si mngoje tu hivi karibu mtaona.

if the US wanted to end drugs in Mexico it would but they won’t do it because it a two way trade.

Drugs go North, Guns go South.

US Gov is the Biggest Drug Dealer in this Universe. USA is full of Sh!t and hypocrisy, I see through their sh!t, that is why I don’t mince my words

same old stuff