Xiaomi Wameweza Where Apple Failed


Hii gari ni :fire: na Apple after mbirrions upon mbirrions walishindwo where Xiaomi has succeeded. Ogopa Xiaomi sana, halafu mumeona hio latest flagship phone :iphone: yao? Imechapa iPhone 15 pro max kama burukege


Generally, As people from dirt poor debt trapped countries, we shouldn’t concern ourselves too much with latest cutting age first world technology gadgets.

Like… WHY ?

Are we all like to have them ?


A wise man does not buy a car that requires software updates… heneway, on this scale i am a peasant


Kwani huagaliagi specs za simu ama kompyuta?

Kuna simu za price range na feature set ya poor corrupt debt trapped countries ambazo hua generally sufficient

I’d smash that but she’s out of my league. Body shape imeweza, especially that modest booty.

Will you have to press 20buttons for the car to move? Too many gizmos.


Hii unaongea nayo unasema drive, inaeda

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In the U.S. there are certain legislations that prevent companies like Apple from Monopolizing Everything and Penetrating Other Markets. Hebu enda Usome the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890, the Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914 and the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914. You will be well guided on why Companies like Apple have to be kept in check.

Wamecopy Porsche but EV ni no for me. Ngata peti utaspend 5 min uko njiani while EV utakaa hapo ukingoja charge.

Iyo gari iko chonjo

Is that a Dodge Charger Knock of. Anyways lets see the road performance

Ohh shiet

Sisi tuko hapa, tuambie juu ya phone maybe hio tuneza afford. Mambo ya makari acha tuu.


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wakanda tech