Xiaomi TV

Nani huku akona TV ya Xiaomi? nimechungulia kule mi-store nikaona wanauza. So, Xiaomi, TCL, Hisense, Sony, LG kwa hizi price range gani ni afadhali?. @Nyamgondho lete maoni.



The E43S is such a beautiful thing to buy. You won’t believe your eyes once it is all set in your sitting room. It is all aluminium FRAME, and I can bet my son’s school fees that you won’t find a similarly made TV in the Kenyan market RIGHT NOW. And the pictures…, what can I say? They’re simply TERRIFICALLY FANTASTIC!!!

Some corrections I should point out, though.

  1. It has 32GB storage, NOT 8GB. Which other one has anything close to that?
  2. I have noted that it has Dvbt-2. That is not compatible with our dvbt2, unless iwe imerekebishwa. Because it is the Chinese dvbt2 network. Hakuna kuangalia ktn ama inooro without an external digital TV topset box. Or, rather, I should advise that you ask them about that issue if it is important to you.
  3. The sound is OK (8×2 Watts speakers) but really mediocre. If you are coming from the likes of akina Samsung, LG or Bravia, be informed that you will hear a huge downgrade! You need external speakers, kama their Mi Sound Bar to enrich it’s sound.

But I assure you that if you buy it, every one who will see it in your living room WILL WANT TO BE YOU OR BE WITH YOU!!!

Xiaomi TVs are okay. But there are many versions out there make sure you get the right one. Xiaomi is a value brand and should be priced closer to TCL than LGs and Samsungs. I haven’t checked but their displays are most likely TCL-Sourced. So if the price is right go for it. But utapata Ram na Rom ziko tofauti across the same device. Reseller will always try to make the most buck.

I wanted to buy the 32" 4A but after further research it turns out it’s not a 1080p tv as this mi-store claims, it’s actually 720p.

The 4S variant seems to check out but i am now skeptical of that website. I see you’ve mentioned a “E43S” is that the same as the 4S that’s shown on that website? Could be different you know.

True, was at a Mi Store Yesterday and I saw that they were selling 65" for 90k… Honestly, that price is for die-hard xiaomi enthusiast (I’m one of them but I’m better off with Hisense or TCL). Models such as Hisense B7300UW, TCL C815, Hisense ULED are better and cheaper. As @Nyamgondho has said, it is possible they are sourcing their panels from CSOT

Where can i get TCL C815 65" and at how much

wait so the inbuilt decoder cant work with our dvb sys?

There are several online retailers, you just need to take a leap of faith. Consider stores you can visit and even test

@Jimit will never accept there are TVs out there with a better picture than his TCL p8M which cost 40K. But that shows we have made huge progress on TVs. Growing up the only TV we could buy was a Sony TV. We once tried buying a Nova TV but it was such a huge deviation in quality. The Sony TV we bought is still functional. We’ve moved from one trusted brand to tens of brands. I love it.

Oh God!! Mzee why still follow me up on such a trivial matter, I only purported that my TV was the best out here for it’s price range lakini wewe kila siku ni kurudia iyo kitu moja like some blady fuakni teenager. Fuck you!!

Its an herculean task coming across a 32" 1080p TV, simply because you will not be able to tell the difference between a 1080p video and a 720p video on a 32" TV.

Apana @Jimit, I only wanted to highlight a point. And I believe that nowadays it’s getting harder to buy a bad TV. Plus on that thread you made valid points which I agreed with.

Its very hard to get a 32" TV with a Full HD (1080p)panel. Zenye ziko ni HD (720p) panel. 1080p zinaanzia 40" and above

Kijana ya mama 720 pia ni HD.

Hata Samsung N5300 Series 5, 32" inch ni 720. Full HD (1080) inaanza 43".

There is a difference between HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p). Its personal preference though…

LG is the undisputed king of screen

Get a skyworth tv. They have Dolby Vision. Also you can get a 32" with 1080p