Xiaomi Redmi 9A vs realme c11

These two phones are the best entry level smartphones available on the Kenyan market. Let’s see which one is better in terms of camera and performance


Can’t touch any phone with a chipset of >10nm

They’ve not yet discovered better ways of doing speed tests and comparisons??

Ziii, ni wewe tunangojea

Very heavy phones

Simu haina curved screen, 6gb ram, 128gb rom, 48mp+, and 5020 mah plus, ni mbovu in my eyes.

Its good for a 10,000 shilling phone

Check a channel called SpeedTest G on youtube

I think it was @slevyn who said that he worked for Xiaomi for 6 years in R &D. But then he wanted to be closer to Jesus and so came back to Kenya to preach in Mombasa.

Personally I think the Chinese are making a real headway into microchip research. If we had physicists or mathematicians even here in Kenya I think things would move much faster.