Xiaomi Redmi 9

  1. No, I no longer use Xiaomi. Huawei is now my charm. And
  2. No, I don’t hate Xiaomi. There are several great Xiaomi phones I actually recommend to buyers, with caution, of course! Mine is just a case of once bitten twice shy!


I’m using Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro. Great experience.

As more Kenyans embrace xiaomi and realme let’s see how tecno and infinix will survive

Uliwai na mangapi

I’m currently using xiaomi note 9. that’s the most overated phone i’ve ever used. the device hangs after opening multiple apps, the camera has the worst focus in history and you have to keep pressing the screen for it to focus. the battery is a 5020 mAH capacity, but can’t last a day. there is absoulutly no value for money with this phone, especially at its price range of 18,999… i would have preferd the samsung A21s

Moving to Samsung note 9. Xiaomi and I are done

You are missing the point all brands releases over 15 smartphone models every year NOT ALL OF THEM ARE GOOD. In the case of xiaomi the redmi 9A, 9C, Redmi 9, Redmi note 9 pro and Redmi note 9s are good.
Samsung is the same too. The phones below 20,000 ksh are terrible

Samsung galaxy a21s has an old school TFT screen.

Download Gcam app /Google camera app. It is better than the stock camera of most midrange phones

Note 8 is very stable ama uliangukia Note 9 yenye had factory defects?

Redmi note 9 is among the top ten greatest selling phones of 2020

Having that issue currently, did yours go black and how did you resolve it?

Where did you buy your phone?

I agree this is a great phone for the money!

I would say that all the Xiaomi phones are incredibly great for their money. They are totally worth it, especially if you compare them with modern days iPhones and top-tier Samsung smartphones

I am replying to this post using the redmi 9 I bought in 2020. It is still brand new