Xiaomi Redmi 9

This phone has great value for money. I was impressed with the Pubg performance and the camera. For 15,000 there is no other phone with specs that match Redmi 9

Mediatek thieth

Stop Pimping

Yes, there are, even superior specs and better quality. Begin by checking out the sister model called the Poco M3.


If you have a strict budget and can’t spend 18,999 on poco m3 then Redmi 9 is a good option

True. Plus availability is also an issue. But, nitakuambia ukweli wangu. I hate entry level smartphones. And if I gotta go entry level, then I’d rather pick a Infinix, a Tecno… Yaani these kind of phones but whose prices match the prices of entry-level-big-name. A Infinix of 18k might be a better experience than a Samsung of the same price… And because I don’t like those tecnoish and infinixish brands, that’s why I recommend big names flagships of yester years whose prices have dropped down to affordable thresholds.

There are some other brands, though, that I came to realise that they could somehow be available here and those I’d be OK with them. Brands like the Oukitel, the Ulefone, or the Doogee. But it’s the Umidigi that shines brighter among those dull brands.

Its s good phone…am waiting for redmi 9 power,it comes with a 6000maH battery powered by sd 662…now this is a better deal

All that to just say you dislike the said device

Glad you get the drift

We sing Xiaomi praises and our listeners join the chorus oblivious of the fact that the day Naomi decides to fuck you you get fucked real good. Did you know that a Xiaomi smartphone’s screen can go black for no apparent reason at all? Those who know know.

Hiyo ni yako.

Xiaomi, poco, realme, oppo, tecno, infinix, vivo, itel. Izi ni simu mbovu sana. Samsung,nokia,sony, apple are not too expensive either these days.

Xiaomi ni mbovu na nini

Mine has never misbehaved…

Xiaomi iko sawa

The new mediatek chipsets are better than their predecessors

Samsung and my XS max all the way

It is always good as long as it is good.

Most people here have just discovered Xiaomi phones. Only 2 years ago the name Xiaomi alone was almost completely unknown and such a turn off when pronounced. Only @deorro and a few others talked about it here. Only Avechi had them in their stock. I had my first xiaomi back in 2016 and it was the Redmi Note 2. Through the years I have owned the Mi Max, the Redmi Note 5 and also the mighty, the Beastly Mi Mix. I have been through hell all and back, so when I talk it’s because I know. I don’t think I will go back to Xiaomi any soon, if at all.

You are the only xiaomi user that hates xiaomi