Xiaomi redmi 9 64Gb

Leteni maoni before I splash 15k here

Note 9 pro.

Xiaomi ni mali safi. Recommend.

Ongeza 2k and get the Redmi Note 9. Much better than Redmi 9.

they are almost same, not much difference. helio G85 in note 9 has just tweaked gpu compare to g80 in redmi 9, other things are similar, also have same display.

if he has option to increase budget note 9s is better option.

Hii helio ndio jina mupya ya mediachieth. Kama sio nyapdragon wachana nayo. Sindio @snapdragon

where are you buying it for 15 k ?

Where is our residence tech guy @Soprano to advice

Wamecome a long way so give em some credit

Simu na specs ni about price point. Hakuna Snapdragon unawezapata ya maana @15k. Simu cheapest iko na Snapdragon ni Redmi note 8 kedo @20k.

the new helio G-series are quite good hata ile heating ilikuwa inasumbua with mediatek older chipsets saizi hakuna or very minimal when playing demanding games also depends on how well the manufacturer has optimised the software