Xiaomi Redmi 7

So am on a phone buying spree, a budget of 15k and I came across this phone pale Jumia. To those who have it, how’s the performance? Can you game on it? Battery life? On matters customization( rooting and shit) how have you tweaked yours…sande.

Go for it and try. Wifey has one and though she is not a gamer it’s pretty solid in terms of performance

Oops did you mean a redmi 7 ama redmi note 7.
The redmi 7 is very basic and quite cheap huko aliexpress.com. Not a gaming phone

Unaelewa maana ya the word “spree”

Asante sana mwalimu, your concern is noted.

Actually not intending to use it for heavy gaming, it just ticked my budget. Thanks for the heads up.

“Buying spree” budget 15k:D:D:D:D

bro shopping spree na budget ya 15k hazipelekani pamoja…alafu redmi 7 is just a basic phone with nothing yo offer. iyo iko ligi ya kina tecno na Infinix…

ongeza kitu juu ununue redmi note 7

You can do some light gaming…even it does PUBG …i own one na sijarigiret rooting is easy as abc and itd got a tone of custom roms out there

Yeah nimeona review pale YouTube and it gets the job done

Which custom rom did you flash?

Flashed miui.eu rom debloated rom

Got this one check it out


Nice…alafu usisahau pitch black twrp v2.9.0,its the best than stock twrp

Okay, bado nitakufuata na maswali inbosk.

Sure…no prob