xiaomi or lenovo

Hi members I’m torn between buying a lenovo and a xiaomi phone which has a better battery considering I’m a heavy internet user n also the camera clarity


Buy xiaomi mi5 or the more pocket freindly xiaomi redmi note 3 or 4, ziko ranked top popularity gsmarena. http://www.gsmarena.com/

Watu walale in…3…2…1…zzzzzzz



Tajeni bei pia

si useme ni models gani unaangalia so we can compare objectively.

Kama worry yako ni battery go for xiaomi esp redmi pro…aesthetics & camera…lenovo…but i got a lenovo z90-7 that randomly heats up on long usage

Xiaomi latest prices: http://www.pricekenya.com/mobile-phones/33-xiaomi/