Xiaomi Mi A3

Anyone who has experience working with [SIZE=7]Mi A3 [/SIZE]

Good phone. Had it for several months now and no complains. Perhaps it coz I had a previous experience with Xiaomi Mi A1

Thanks man

Lakini io stock android ndio hunikatsia…lasma phone natumia ikuwe na skin ontop of it

Used it for a week sometime last year the only only thing that i hated about it was the 720p display, that is if you are used to a full hd display on a phone you will notice the lack of sharpness.

Waah!! Sijai ona phone inaenda haraka hivi. Wanted to buy it early this month. Hakuna shop ilikuwa kuwa nayo tao. Tried like shops… Nikapata mi shop ile ya moi avenue. Nikiwadanganya eti nimeenda kutoa pesa while nikaenda kusaka kwingine at lower price. Na nikakosa everywhere else. Kurudi mi shop napata kulikuwa na mbili na zote zimebuyiwa in just 1 hr so I settled for note 8t. So kuipata itakuwa miujiza but avechi waliniambia wataleta end month.

Its not that its a hotcake dewise, its just that corona virus has severely crippled supply chain for all mi devices. What you buy now most likely landed in dec, early jan. For now goods are stuck in china till the pandemic is under control.

Corona virus has made things complicated in china

did you check at phone place ? am sure hungeikosa hapo at cheaper price Phone Place | Facebook

That was my first place. Huwa na buy simu huko. Though I had asked like a week before na ilikuwa. Kuenda wakasema imeisha