Xiaomi mi A1 vs Xiaomi mi 5X

These two phones have the same specs exactly. Now let me ask without concidering Mi A1 being an Android one device, Is there anything better because I can see in Avechi a difference of 4000/= in their prices is there any big difference or I can just purchase the Mi 5X. Furthermore i like the MIUI more than the stock Android UI.
Nimecheki reviews zikisema MI A1 has some problems especially in the Oreo update so sitaki kurisk.

The Mi A1 will get Android P as confirmed by Google and Xiaomi. It is thus the longer lasting device between the two. The Android 8 issues are fixed continuously by Google and it should be now at 8.1.

Kama hutaki phone ya more than two years, I would suggest you go with the cheaper one if 4K is meaningful to you.

How can an android version change the durability coz vile najua Mi A1 ni Mi5X just with a different software… Na si aty Mi5X haitapata updates ni juu tu haitakua regular.

updates ni kitu hukua fixed with time just get Mi A1 kama hutaki mashida na 4G since mi 5X iko na band 3 only and no band 20

Better advice.

If you can ask you can’t afford.

I don’t get you but I meant durability in terms of latest software and fixing of bugs. The Mi A1 will get Android P thus if you keep it around as a back up for future use, three years the line it will still be usable and not very old. It is also Stock Android so it is not bound to slow down with time like MIUI will definitely do!

ps. Android version affects Durability in the sense that some apps no longer support older versions of Android. Google Assistant initially supported Android 6 n above. watu wa 5 wakikuwa nje. If you keep a phone with Android P as a back up, it will take lots of time to become outdated unlike a phone with Android 4.4. Btw, PlayStore saa hii most apps zinahitaji Android 4.2 and above. By 2019, it will be Android 5 and above.

Shida ni kitu which can be fixed with a patch

Where can I get this phone


@Deorro, spokesman wa Xiaomi :D:D
Kati ya MIA1 na Redmi note 4 ni gani poa


A1 iko sawa

Other than the difference you stated, the two ain’t much different other than in A1 the updates and patches will be more regular. The 5x is made for the Chinese market while the other is for the global.market hnce may support more bands. Finally, the most important one is the user experience due to difference in software.

wewe sema hauwezi fika Bei. You have been asking this question for umpteenth time now. Nimekusho A1 iko fiti for a ‘budget’ phone.

Ngoja Nokia 6 (2018). It was launched on Friday with a $230 price tag

great phone lakini sinunui hadi waanze kutoa kernel sources and allow bootloader unlocking


Hii itawai fika Kenya if it has not been released yet

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