Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G

You see the word flagship has been taken out of context in many circumstances. At the pure definition of the word, it means the ship that carries the commander in a battle and has the flag of the navy/army/military. In essence, this means even ITEL and Infinix phones have a flagship model (The best of their phones, and if you like it fleet.

Over the years, and when it comes to phones, people imagine flagships are fantastic devices that are an equal with the best devices out there. This would be true for Xiaomi except for one thing. Flagships nowadays bring forth innovation that move the industry forward. Let me give you an example.

Huawei flagship phones (Mate and P series) Will bring forth the best camera technology out there. All phone manufacturers will stop whatever they are doing and get a Mate series device. Because that will be the best of the best in camera technology.

OnePlus flagship phones. These will bring forth the most speedy devices on earth at the time of their launch. They will bring forward the fastest ram, the fastest hardware the fastest chips, and a phone that will be fast enough to destroy the Apples and Samsungs of this world for a number of tasks.

Oppo flagship phones. These will give you innovations in charging technology and camera technology. The best the world has ever seen

Xiaomi: Nothing. Just a copy cat of what Oppo, Huawei, Samsung, and Iphone do. Just a budget brand with heavy phones


Finally found it on Jumia at an affordable price so i’m content and my search is over

Arguments about the battery capacity vs battery life, valid and worthy of listening to. But argument about the weight of a smartphone… Hapa ndipo I don’t swim in the Same pool with @Nyamgondho and @Jimit, especially when they insist that a phone must be feather light for it to be a nice smartphone!


It seems you have an issue with the Xiaomi brand which has nothing to do with performance or technology, simply put you hate because you want to/ can do so. Nothing will change your opinion so engaging you on this would just be a waste of time…

Good test: And even @Soprano will tell you at some point I encouraged people to buy Xiaomi devices. But things have changed to the worst in it’s midrange devices.

Of course the reason why the Mi 9 faired well on this is the screen-size, low-resolution and 60hz refresh rate. The other phones had extreme battery draining technology but performed fairly.

If I remember well this guy is based in London, he probably has a Xiaomi with european rom. So this phone does not run ads in the background or phishing programs. So that could be another reason. If you buy a Xiaomi with Eu Rom and use it in Kenya, When you update apps will be pushed to the background and battery will drain very fast. This is something you can google.

And one last thing, the Mi 9 still didn’t beat huawei, but the huawei had a bigger battery but also more battery draining technology than the Mi9. The P30 the screen resolution was lower than other flagships. It still roasts Xiaomi. Also, Oppo and Google (2020) phones will roast Xiaomi any time of the day at any place

For Xiaomi to win the @Nyamgondho over, they should do the following:

Design a lean UI with lots of user control in terms of what runs in the background. Make sure no ads run in the background.

Ensure that the UI experience is good enough for all devices in the lineup not just the ones running on flagship chipsets.

Ensure all devices are on the EU rom, which has minimal ads and minimal background process.

At least have light phones in the lineup with good chipset. E.g Xiaomi Mi 8 se.

Bring forth innovations in the industry, Show us what you do with our money. Invest in R & D. Xiaomi is now a big brand with expensive phones.

You can have a heavy phone. Samsung makes heavy phones too, but at least the reason why their phones are heavy are quite obvious:

  1. Camera module - If you have a optical zoom camera the module will be heavy. The assembly really makes the device top-heavy.

  2. Display tech - Flagship AMOLEDs with large under-display fingerprint sensors require a heavier assembly.

  3. Large displays- Although LG has worked around this, having large display on a light phone. It seems most large display 6.7" are generally heavy

  4. Additional gaming controllers. Just check Nubia and Asus gaming phones.

  5. Additional sensors. Like the 5g module for the phone as an extra to the chipset.

But Xiaomi does not have any of this tech in their bottom-of-the-barrel phones like Redmi 9i with a mediatech G25 or Snapdragon 450. These phones have poor haptic feedback, Some of them lack sensors like the a compass. Not to mention the GPS is wanting. Like this Redmi 9i has no Gyroscope or Fingerprint sensor. Imagine the damn thing has no fingerprint sensor!!! SO WHY IS IT 194g.?? Why??

Kusema ukweli sikusoma replies za hio thread. Nilishindwa nitaanza wapi na kucomment nikajitoa

Wewe tutaishi aje? What are we dealing with here? A five year old?. Redmi note 9 inatumia MediaTek G85. Mine uses Snapdragon 730. The difference between those two is the same with the difference between the inefficient fuel gazling American cars and Japanese brands. Other than Dimensity, most, if not all, MediaTek CPUs are shit.

Wewe sema uko na machungu ,…you probably bought a pricy Samsung or Oppo, and met someone with a cheaper Xiaomi that embarrassed yours like baba in Msambweni. Whatever you have against the them just drop it. Your biggest mistake is to make one big ignorant and blanket claim that on all Xiaomi phones are shit. You can’t make a general claim that all Xaiomis are shit based on whatever factor you choose. Every brand has good and bad phones. Samsung for example, look at thier galaxy S20 ultra. That phone is a flop. Many YouTube benchmark test videos have shown that even Galaxy note 10 has better camera. Check your ignorance, lest you find your crack head attempting to compare Xiaomi with Tecno.
And one more thing, it’s 2020, the war is not between brands, it’s between flagship vs midranges. It’s not just about brands, its about what the phone offers.


A friend of mine bought a xiaomi redmi note 7 on jumia shipped from abroad and it was in Chinese. They didn’t ship the global version

You can always install the global rom if you want to

Unapenda kuingilia mi9t sana ebu keta comparisons zake .

Vile @Nyamgondho ye huongea nikaa ako na superphone from the future. And one thing i have noticed is that he hates xiaomi phones to the core. And that reason might be that he has a shitty phone which when he compares with xiaomi anapata iko down and that brings his anger on weight and dismisses everything good about xiaomi. Sahii xiaomi iko top three. You don’t go to top three in sales if you sell crap. Xiaomi might be bad yes but it gives out good budget phones with nice features. Let’s not bring baseless arguments and compare phones which are not on the same price range! Let’s not dismiss good phones because of hate of a specific brand, chagua simu according you your requerments and ignore this @Nyamgondho scam mwenye hata hajui simu yake . But all in all i have learned more from him but story ya battery and weight we differ.

I’m using Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro. Very good battery life. 4700mAh and doesn’t drain anyhow as suggested here. The battery lasts past two days on a single charge. As for apps running in the background, I haven’t had an issue. MiUI handles that very well. The experience is very smooth, no hiccups, no lag at all. The phone’s 5G ready. Snapdragon 865 is excellent. I have nothing to complain about.

People who have been here long enough know the phones the @Nyamgondho uses. Some of them take my word as the LAW. Let me give you some history of my contribution on this forum because I believe I am the most objective tech analyst on this forum.

  1. I was the first one to complain about Huawei’s decision to lock their bootloader. If they didn’t do so, they could have survived the US sanctions as people would simply use custom ROMs to bypass the google shit.
  2. I was the first to criticize HMD Q/C for bringing back Nokia phones with faulty hardware.
  3. I was the first to criticize LG and Motorola’s Marketing departments and predicted how this would bring their downfall. I still maintain the motorola Atrix _4G was the most innovative device of the last decade and LG flagships have always been better than Samsungs.
  4. I was the first to criticize Samsung’s update cycle and their UI (Touchwiz/ Samsung Experience). If @Deorro was still here he would tell you how I really hated Samsung’s UI and it’s update cycle. Samsung proved me right by moving to One UI and refreshing their update cycle.
  5. I was the first to advocate for Xiaomi’s MiUi and vouched for Meizu when it was a strong competitor for Xiaomi in China
  6. I was there at the HUB Karen When that Xiaomi Shop launched in Kenya. I won a Xiaomi Bag on that day and I bought a phone repair kit which I absolutely love

I am now criticizing Xiaomi as one of their former customer. I have always been alone in my arguments but these companies always prove me right. XIAOMI MUST PROVIDE BETTER ENGINEERING for them to Have the Nyamgondho on board.

And btw @sona moja the Nyamgondho is not a poor man. Far far from it. People who have been here long enough know even the car I drive. Here is a photo of some things on my desk right now. Just added the craftsman drill into the picture for the sake of @hakimoto who is still expecting me to review it in the DIY section. Hakimoto mali imefika. The last holiday season I shipped in gadgets worth 250K and I paid Kentex Cargo close to 50K in shipping costs alone. I am far far from a person who cannot afford a Xiaomi phone. I can buy more than 10 Xiaomi flagships at a go if I want to.

Look at the few items on my desk.

  1. The grey toolkit is a Xiaomi phone repair kit: I bought this at Xiaomi launch event at the Hub. Where were you that day @sona moja. I remember only myself, @deorro and if not mistaken @tall mnyama everywhere who were in attendance. Ulikuwa wapi? Si wewe ni Xiaomi fanboy? Ulikuwa wapi?

  2. I think its @Jimit who wondered which earbuds I use. I bought these Jabra elite earbuds that are next to the repair kit. Nilinunua at 20K plus shipping back in 2018.

  3. @sona moja can you repair your phones at home? Well I will be replacing the charging system and touch digitizer for the Samsung tablet you can see in the background. Bought this back in 2017- I even can’t remember the price. I try to repair all my gadgets before giving them to other people as I upgrade. Wewe hata unajua nini iko ndani ya xiaomi yako?

  4. You see the headphones next to laptop, those are worth 20K and btw the headphone stand is worth 5K alone. It’s super lightweight made from butted aluminum and painted matt-black.

  5. I use a Lg Gram laptop which is connected to a 24" HP eye care monitor. Go check the price for both.

Na usitake kujua which TV I have hanging in my sitting room or which car I drive kwa sababu unaweza jinyonga. I maintain I can buy even 10 xiaomi flagships hata iitwe Mi 100T naeza nunua kumi at a go. Nikitaka.


No one is disputing this. What I am saying is that your phone is 220g. Granted it has a pop up mechanism which btw was innovated by Vivo/Oppo phones.

The point is all Huawei and Oppo phones with the same kind of mechanism and chipset were lighter than the F2 Pro and came with smaller battery (4000mAh) and most likely have a better battery life.

If Xiaomi attempted the above, the phone would probably not last a whole day. To compensate for this, they had to put a large battery which made the phone heavier. This is not a bad thing. But its also not bad to point this out. All I do, is explain this dynamic situation. No one should feel aggrieved. It is the truth

Lastly snapdragon 865 is developed on a 7nm process and doesn’t task the battery so much. Most flagships with this chipset had a max of 4000 mAh battery.

@Nyamgondho in fact i wanted a drill for my next DIY project it’s good that umeweka hapo, hyo review naitaka seriously. I have been looking for one. hii story unasema siezi unda simu kwa nyumba uwache. Hata nikirestart simu do you know how many problems i have solved?:D:D:D. And being a xiaomi user you have to have your own tools. Meanwhile leta review.