Xiaomi Mi 10 pro..

wadau kindly point me in the right direction I have been looking for this phone for a while and nobody seems to know where I can source it…The Xiaomi shops in bihi towers,Avechi,Xiaomi main shop opposite gevanjee don’t have it…
Anyone with an idea where I can get it?

Kilimall, Jumia?? Aliexpress?

killmall and Jumia nothing… AliExpress I have never shipped with them there is again the time factor

Can import one for you to your doorstep,delivery under 10 days.

let me inbox you

Enda bihi towers. Wako na all phones.

Can you import a laptop pia?

Yes, desktops too.

Mihomekenya.com. ends sarit ama quickmat hurlingham.

I’ve been there both the shops hawana

Subiri ama uchukuwe redmi 9s. Si mbaya screen ndio tofauti moja ni amoled ingine ni TFT.

hii prepare 60k plus iko on my radar

Subiri hadi the major shops wapate ama utaoshwa hio pesa

Ni phone fiti sana na iko chini ya maji

I doubt they will ever stock it right now they stock the units which move like the Mi 11s

in the meantime unaweza check-out REDMI NOTE 10 PRO 5G variant shida ni mediatek chipset(prefer snapdargon)an ips lcd (prefer amoled).

Just like you I prefer snapdragon to mediacieth.

Avechi wako nayo I think.

hio ya Mediatek (hoyeeee) ni mangapi?