Xiaomi kenya new products launch

Ximeland wadau.

Hio advert ya TV is designed for the illiterate… which tells me the target market is bonobos.

Wangeanza na dimming zones, panel technology, wakiendaga kwa contrast, brightness etc etc. then I would know they are serious.

For the phones. I still think Xiaomi is 3 years away from getting a “BUY” recommendation from Nyamgondho wuod Ombare

Wanajua majority of their consumers do not look at those features. Wakianza kuongea mambo ya dimming zones etc akili zinaenda auto shutdown

Lakini Xiaomi si hupima watu bangi sana.

Sasa hizo dimming zones husaidia tv na Nini, most people grewup watching great wall tvs imewekwa Ile karatasi Kwa screen ya kufanya ionyeshe color inakaa za rainbow… now need tvs with sijui dimming zones… Mimi Bora image ni safi it does not hang and can support multi connections, I am good.

Recommend both TV and phone to buy.

Hizo phone zinauziwa watu wanaodhania megapixels ni mambo yote! Apple iPhone with 10MP beats this 108MP 10-0.

As I read this, Xiaomi ya wife 9t alirestart juzi na bado haijawaka. Huwaka after days. They should recall them.

ukienda kwa duka na uone q90 na tu8000 size by side ndio utaona stark difference

[SIZE=1]kabla munishambulie najua samsung tv sio kalikali[/SIZE]

Mtuambie TV na smartphone za kununua tutupe TCL na xiomi phones.

Kama ni TV nunua LG. Their tvs are on another level of innovation. Smartphones your best bet at the moment ni Samsung. They have a good history of updating their phones to the latest software. Saa hii kwanza flagships zinapata 5 year software support. This is much better than Google pixel who give 3 years.

Ubaya ya TCL na Xiomi ni nini?

What I looked for immediately and was disappointed

Kama ni Tv it’s good to buy from established reputable brands wenye unajua their core business is making Tvs and are expert at that . Buying Tv from the likes of kina Naomi , OnePlus and Nokia can mess you big time given they haven’t been in the field of making Tvs for quite long .kwanza Xiaomi ni kama hawananga core business they’re into the business of making anything from toothbrush to cars to I don’t know birika ya chai.

She was updating it then pressed power key?

Nope. Any time it goes off, it takes days to boot. Someone complained about the same here.


Any cheap Naomi can die on you regardless of nothing!

For real, how do they list hdmi, bluetooth, USB 2.0 and things like built in chromecast on the specs list. Enyewe the target market is bonobos :D:D:D

Unatupima pia wewe & for your info the ones leading in camera technology for the last few years has been the Chinese with Huawei their P series & Xiaomi with Mi 10 Ultra,11 Ultra series Samsung na iPhone wamekuwa wakiplay catch-up.

Hizo Tifiii zitaflop mbaya kwanza they are outdated models overpriced kwanza hizo 4S wanauzia watu. They should have launched their latest Redmi TVs kujaribu but with prices alligned like the Chinese market. Wakenya na hiyo pesa watazipita wakiendea TCL/HiSense/Skyworth!!