Xiaomi is cheaper in its unofficial online store

How many have bought their xiaomi on that website?

I bought my set there, way better than the “official” cartels forcing themselves on Kenyans

unofficial channels will always be cheaper when it comes to buying electronics in kenya

What do you mean by unofficial??

All Xiaomi stores in Kenya are unofficial including Xiaomi Kenya who are a bunch of cartels

I remember how you and other talkers hyped the opening of the ‘official’ store pale The Hub. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Back to the thread. I’ve purchased two devices from the unnoficial store. They’re legit and pocket friendly. Don’t know much about the ‘official’ store but I doubt they’re much the prices of the unoffcial’ store.

Nilibuy pale MOI avenue, iko chonjo

You are not wrong but at that moment I had no idea it wasn’t the official store… Their prices were even more expensive.

Bought the shiet through Jumia, I paid 1000 shillings less, plus delivery…

I was like you, too. Little did I know back then.

Even Deorro was in the mix too.

Moi avenue wapi? Nataka kununua Note 5 na Jumia ziko out of stock. Thanks.

Hiyo hutapata unless uimport…niliwauliza wakanishow pia wao hawana