Xiaomi fans

How would you describe the overall experience on your 10 Pro… Battery endurance, smoothness etc. since you purchased it?

I covertly put xperia home on one such device, a redmi 9c. I see the user using it without fuss.

Its ok for me considering I had K20 which i have not seen big difference except for the 120hz refresh which i rarely use because of the battery life. But everything else is great

It’s really hammering these older devices from my experience and guys are really complaining kwa forums ama it’s planned obsolescence?

Once you change launcher itadissapear.

Enda hapa[ATTACH=full]405419[/ATTACH]

Thank you…this has just saved me the head ache

Have you rooted your device?

Not yet.
Nangoja hii 168 hrs iishe.

Use minimalist launcher , works well with Miui

Hehe that shit is a pain, I saw someone who just bought himself a Mi 11 Ultra getting 888hours…that 1 week goes so fast anyway.

Camera ya hiyo 9c ni mbovu sana . Umeifanya aje

No, its not mine. Sijui the owner anafanya aje.

Have you thought of using smart launcher. Look for a premium one.