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How do i fix this kathing? Updated my system launcher na ikaniletea haka kakitu,ntakatoa aje? Please help
Attached is the image of the said thing[ATTACH=full]404586[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]404587[/ATTACH]

Thats the default gesture navigation for android 10 and 11. There is another option of changing to three button navigation.Go to settings, home screen then system navigation and choose buttons for navigation.I hope nimekusaidia.

Weka nova launcher

Custom launcher hapana…niko loyal to mi launcher


But nimezoea gestures sans

Nova mtasumbuana na system ya MIUI mpaka uchoke uitoe, MIUI 12 inasumbua sana hizi 3rd party launchers. Anyway mi hapana tambua MIUI 12 I flashed back to the last MIUI 11 EU Stable and I’m enjoying my devices again no lag ,battery drain or bugs. MIUI 12 ni taktaka.

Bado Niko MIUI 11 banae

Itabidi uishi nayo ivo. Huezi toa iyo kitu. Thats the default gesture for android 10 and 11. Hata mimi Nokia yangu iko nayo but yangu ni ndogo. I have learnt to live with it the way it is…


Usibanduke hapo shida zitakukumba kwa 12-12.5 wacha tu.

Unatumia full screen gestures bado?

Yes I still do, I’m so used to that…by the way did you get to flash the EU ROM? As you see I downgraded also did my Note 9 Pro too.


Go to Settings> System>gestures and select 3 buttons navigation


Nilisumbuka sana before discovering this. I also use Nokia with Android 11

Hii iko but wale kama sisi who want to get rid of all the indicaters ibaki clear screen tu ni gesture swipes pekee.

You will have to use third party launcher

How do i go back to miui 11.

Niko tu sawa na gesture navigation. sipendi 3 button navigation juu zinachukua more spece. Mimi yangu ina hata 2 button navigation but gesture iko poa.


Very easy just go to YouTube search the tutorial how to downgrade your MIUI version, download MI Flash tool and your desired firmware from mifirm.net I’d recommend EEA which is European region follow instructions that’s it. I’m on custom EU firmware hiyo nayo for me is the best if you want to know how to install it head over to Xiaomi.eu and watch tutorials. Best custom ROM for me no bloatware plus extra features you don’t even realise you’re using a custom firmware of MIUI… it’s based on MIUI China ROM which is superior to global in every way but tuned to suite users worldwide.

3rd party launchers nowadays don’t work well with MIUI.

Mine is working seamlessly well and i am on MUI 12.5.I am using lawnchair launcher which i find it to be great