Little Beauty is the name I gave to Mueni, a black girl who is a help cook in our company’s cafeteria and is only nineteen years old.

She came to our company to apply for a job as a cooking assistant because her father brought her here.

When I first saw her, I thought she was a childish child. But the figure is slender and graceful. Xiaomei is very conscientious in her work. Cleaning in the kitchen and washing and drying clothes in the yard are her daily life.

The salary of the cook is not high, but our company manages three meals a day. Therefore, Xiaomei is very satisfied to work in our company cafeteria.

Our group of Chinese men were very nice to her. Xiao Mei has never been to school and has low education, but she is good at singing and dancing.

After work, they often dance for us to see, which can be regarded as bringing a little fun to our peaceful life.

Once, Xiaomei borrowed money from me. I asked her what she was borrowing money for. Xiao Meili said that his father was sick and asked for money to see a doctor.

I didn’t doubt Xiaomei. Two hundred RMB is not much to me, so I lent it to her immediately. I didn’t expect Xiaomei to pay back the money either.

But the next day, Xiaomei’s father came to our company alive and well, and showed no signs of illness.

Because the wages were paid on this day, Xiao Mei was taken away by her father just after receiving her wages. I know Xiaomei lied to me, her father is not sick at all. But I didn’t blame Xiaomei, she was a poor African girl.

Every time wages are paid in the future, Xiaomei’s father will come to the company, as if he is receiving the wages himself.

Many times, he didn’t leave any money to Xiaomei, which made me very angry. But there is nothing to do, after all, it is someone else’s housework.

Later I asked Xiaomei why his father took away her salary every time. Xiaomei said that his father gambled and owed money to others.

Probably because of the good food in the company, after staying in our company for half a year, Xiaomei has grown very plump and has become a standard black beautiful girl.

Xiaomei is very happy working in our company and is very familiar with us.

But finally Xiaomei went away because she found a husband.

So far, I have never seen Xiaomei again.

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