Xi Jinping to be overthrown



western media really like to hallucinate

Chairman Xi amekaa sana he needs to be gone. He isn’t a bad leader lakini China needs change.

Winnie the Pooh hataki mchezo he is chairman for life !

Long overdue.

This is an old, probably demented man hoping to sell a book so he can buy some hooch and fags. The tragedy here is that “established media organizations” are taking him seriously. If the Tiananmen protests didn’t bring down the CCP, it’s not collapsing any time soon.

Kwanza pale Hong Kong he pulled a fast one. Before western countries wajue Hong kong was already a province of china.

So has Queen Eliza and Merkel,si mutoe hao wazungu pia

Kanyanya ka Britain kakimaliza 2022 ni bahati. Angela ako fiti.