Xi Jingping's velvet glove wrecking havoc

Niccolo Machiavelli advised Lorenzo de Medici to rule with an iron fist covered in a velvet glove. Sun Tzu stated that all war is deception. Employing these two principals, Xi Jingping goes to the Middle East and mediates between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Before we scrutinize what the mediation fully entailed we are fed to media razzmatazz of the peace then Xi parachutes to Russia to chat with Putin asking him to consider talks with Ukraine (Deception numero uno, as he is actually working on delivering more military hardware to Putin). Then he rattles Taiwan (Deception number two) and the US starts simulation exercises of a possible China attack on Taiwan. When the dust settles, we learn that Saudi Arabia has accepted to accept Yuan in oil transactions. Then the next bombshell. OPEC reduces oil production by more than two million barrels a day. Russia also reduces output. NATO and allies are stranded, Russian economy grows stronger with this move

Long live comrade Putin and the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics USSR

Sasa niku ambia dollar byebye

With the death of the dollar, US and NATO become expired goods. US is now propping up NATO to use military to armtwist nations. Expect coups to start popping up

Meanwhile, Uncle Sam now has access to 4 military bases in the Philippines and additional troops in Japan. India has never really warmed up to China and about a year or so ago, their troops clashed over disputed border territory. The AUKUS pact is essentially a mini-NATO featuring UK, US & Australia. Australia has nuclear powered submarines on order. So China is encircled.
Also NATO yesterday doubled the size of its border with Russia by admitting Finland. Sweden in also enroute to NATO membership.

Sounds like US and its allies, for now, have an upper hand against China/Russia axis, if there is an all out war

What upper hand ? Those bases would be vapourised in a minute and the aircraft carriers would be useless… So again what upper hand does the US have?

The way China likes manipulating the yuan, I have a feeling it may not come out as a favorite currency… China will definitely shaft Russia on the long-term. It is just not obvious now like in our case when everyone was shouting “we are facing the east”! Who recalls how @FieldMarshal CouchP used to harass Listers with that facing east thing back in the KList days?

Degree muhimu sana

Problem is US is thinking military, China is thinking economy. US is focussing on Putin but the real moves are being made by China. The US is getting ready for a possible invasion of Taiwan by China but China is not planning an invasion just throwing diversions. China is at the cusp of being an undisputed global economic power, a war would curtail that progression. AUKUS is hardcore exploitation of Australia and drags Australia into a global conflict they were not a part, it exposed Australia to China’s espionage.

That manipulation becomes their strength. Russia will buy internationally using Yuan, so the manipulation will be used to favor Russia, and subvert the dollar so that hapless countries have the option of buying using Yuan (poor hapless countries, democracy will come knocking)

China’s currency manipulation favors Chinese exports. The BRICS nations will have to fashion a new currency.

Msito Putin anaendelea na kazi while pale yuess guka hata hajui leo ni siku gani.

This nullifies the the whole composition

Thanks for pointing it out. But it doesn’t nullify the composition. Though unintended it suggests that Saudia has accepted the request to accept Yuan in oil transactions

Are you trying to tell us that these bases and aircraft carriers are just sitting ducks that can be decimated in a minute with zero capacity to hit back at all. Please let us be reasonable.

I think the point is that the US has gotten used to fighting third world coutries over the last 20 years.

A war with either Russia or China will be unlike anything that they have seen in the recent past. These are countries with the ability to inflict severe damage to US military assets.

Of course America can do the same to them but it will not be one sided as they have gotten used to.

You don’t get it. China is not interested in war. It is merely throwing smoke screens to keep US busy while they make concrete economic deals with US allies. The tractors from Belarus coming to Zimbabwe and Kenya are part of the moves. I can bet my last coin China brokered the deals

Now some good reasoning there. A war between US on one end and China/Russia on another is simply an Armageddon. For example, Aircraft carriers are not armed with simple bullets but top of the range missiles, torpedoes, aircraft bombers etc. Both sides will throw at each other fire unheard off in the past. Of these 3 countries, the most warlike is US, and it itches to show the other two what its capable of regardless of what the other two are capable of.

Look at what US has been preoccupying itself with. Then they put a spin to it. The actual military verdict is that Taiwan cannot defend itself against China. US and allies like Japan have to intervene but the war would be long drawn with heavy casualties on both sides. The military is hesitant to claim they can win. They have initiated war games in preparation for China invading Taiwan in 2026Screenshot_20230405-170811.png