XFILES season 11

Its back better sweeter scarier , Moulder and Scully are getting better . wacha niachie tu hapo . episode moja tu ndio imetoka but inakuweka on edge like it is 1999 again . .

NB : kama ulizaliwa after 1989 , ignore this thread .

It’s great series though I started watching it from season 10

i started watching it in the 90s but from season 10 how do you get the whole story

Meffi series.
Aliens ni wewe

SPOILER ALERT: Kuna episode ktn walileta usiku kabisa hapo 98. This was one of those episodes which had a horror element. ilikuwa about these spirits from Mali called teliko who steal skin pigment.

So it starts with an African entering a aeroplane toilet then an albino man suddenly materializes from inside the toilet bowl and attacks the African man! when the albino man leaves he is black but huyu wa kwanza hana colour. The story of samuel aboah. Hio nilisweat. And Samuel was un-killable stabbing people with some blade to steal their colour. The background music was crazy.

A close second ni ingine ilikuwa pure horror, zero X-Files. scully and mulder investigate a case where a baby is found buried. The baby is deformed. They find out it belongs to the peacock family: A family of 3 heavily deformed men like the guys from The Hills Have Eyes.

When out to kill, the 3 brothers drive this very old car with spooky Elvis music playing on the radio. Mulder and scully decide to investigate (ON THEIR OWN) how these creatures are breeding with no woman in sight and what they find out is shocking.

The X-Files had some of the most talented and most creative people working on the show at it’s time. Especially the writers who came up with and wrote the episodes.

And proof of this is that one of these young writers, Vince Gilligan, and who wrote very many episodes of the show, later on went on to create his own very iconic TV Shows… probably the best TV show ever written: BREAKING BAD.

Some wierd African beats. It actually complimented the horror very well

This was actually voted the scariest episode. It’s called ‘Home’. Huwezi watch pekeyako kwa giza. Closely followed by ‘Folie a Deux’ and ‘Detour’. Hio detour made me be afraid of walking near trees at night.

Naona your taste is almost similar to mine. Best show ever ni BB closely followed by this

You just have to join the dots

Very elaborate I still have the DVDs of episodes illustrated…

Mumefanya naanza season 1 . Terrarium tings