Xenophobia is the last thing that South Africans should have in their mind

South Africa it is by far the most developed nation in the continent, But what’s development without freedom. South Africans have witnessed one of the worst racial segregation in human history. But why are South Africans doing relatively the same evil which were done to them . The following are the some insights to why It’s embarrassing for South Africans to engage in such stupid acts (as what they did a few days in Jo’burg CBD) —Tanzania trained ANC gave thousand of acres for them to train,live , and produce food products when they could. —Nigeria civil servants were cut 3% of their salaries in order to support anti apartheid movements other countries like Zambia supported the small parties. Mandela and a lot of South Africa ANC leaders had Tanzanian passport , Tanzania and Nigeria faced sanctions because of their clear support of the anti apartheid groups which western nations described them as terrorists. Other nations such as Libya , Ghana gave chances for students to pursue tertiary education which they were denied back in the country by the boers regime IF THERE IS A NATION IN AFRICA THAT NEEDS TO SHOW UTMOST RESPECT TO OTHER AFRICAN NATIONS THEN THAT NATION SHOULD BE SOUTH AFRICA

Telling this to bonobos who were denied quality education by the arpatheid regime is a very difficult task.
These guys I don’t want to judge, but they seem like idlers.

And especially when their own politicians are lying to them for their own agenda.

South Africa minus the whites is just like any other shithole African country.

Per capita income of a black South African is less than $5000
Per capita income of a white South African is over $25,000

Talk to any person from any SADC country and they will tell you blacks from SA are 70% Bonobos. Most multi nationals hire foreign blacks like Zimbabweans, Zambians etc because of their work ethic. SA just know braai and vuvuzela

they will need 100 years to transition that country from white to black. and then another 10 to return them to square one aka poverty.

most of you people here are self hating sons of b****s not only have you accepted to be demeaned,you propagate the mentality of inferiority on yourselves. if you are idiots stop involving the rest of us intellectually capable hardworking black people.

Why are you derailing the thread?

True, the hospitality industry in South Africa largely employs foreigners and many Kenyans have found jobs there, local South African blacks are known to be very uncouth and lazy, also if you compare, poor people in Kenya from places like Kibera,Mathare are poor because most lack opportunity but you will see them waking up in the morning walking all the way to industrial area or Allsops to look for kibarua,in South Africa the poor people are poor because they are plain lazy, do not strive for any education, their work is to have sex all day long and complain how Boers should get out of their country

It will never end

this has nothing to do with intellect. as Africans, we have that just like others.


You know one of the biggest. Don’t start with me…I’m too tired to push around

:D:D tutaderail thread but we shall pick it up another day

Kenya led by kenyatta and later Moi supported the apartheid regime, nini inakuwanga mbaya na hawa wakora wa Kenya …?

Njonjo was a huge supporter of the apartheid regime.

Hii nchi yetu bana! And when Tanzaninas call us vibaraka vya mabeberu i understand what they are saying.

kenyans are the opposite of South Africans, we embrace and kiss foreigners buttocks but kill each other over politics.
Kenya GOVT has never stood firm against foreign interests that are against our interests…
Only during ICC, the Ocampo 6 were ready to sink the nation with them …yet when the nation needs the same sacrifice we don’t see it.

We can easily derail it.

apana mkubwa ni uhulooto .

Si village idler alisema soldiers wa ANC walikuwa wana train na KDF ma 1980s lanet

We are to blame.